Big Sur Does Big Things with Datto’s Private Cloud

For 15 years and counting, Big Sur Technologies, a Tampa-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) /Value Added Reseller (VAR), has been passionate about providing small to medium-sized businesses with the best IT solutions.

Their clientele spans across Healthcare, Government, and Education, to name a few. When it comes to their customers, Director of Service and Cloud Operations, Charles Love, describes their philosophy best: “You’re a dentist. Why are you in IT? You should be a dentist in dentistry. We’ll handle the IT.”

Big Sur offers traditional backup and email hosting. The company also sells hardware and software as a VAR. Four years ago, Big Sur began leveraging Datto solutions for their customers in need of a strong backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution.

Building A Cloud

When it comes to the cloud, Big Sur was noticeably ahead of the game. “We were in it before it became a thing,” says Love. So when they grew tired of their customers’ servers failing, the IT professionals decided to build their own cloud. “We didn’t want to take the ‘Why is my server down?’ calls anymore. We can run their IT better from our data center then their closet - we’ll make sure it’s taken care of,” he explains.

Love describes a private cloud as a fantastic offering to provide customers with the ability to access their desktop applications anywhere, anytime- but having their own cloud also comes with a challenge or two. Working with many different verticals, Love found that customers needed retention policies dating back years, and they needed to be able to restore data quickly.

Partnering With Datto

Simple restores were taking several hours on Big Sur’s private cloud. They decided to invest in Datto’s 160+ petabyte private cloud, and now leverage Datto’s Virtual SIRIS to solve the in-house challenge around cloud computing speed. Big Sur essentially backs up their cloud to Datto’s. As a result, restores for their customers now take a mere few minutes.

“We were going to invest another $150,000 into a duplicate SAN just to do backups. Our problem was with the giant expense, and that it’s in our building,” explained Love. By using Datto’s Virtual SIRIS, “We get everything as if we have our own equipment in our building, but with way better management control and we can ship servers off to Datto’s bi-coastal data centers.”

Love explained that a previous provider was allowing them to back up specific files, but not everything across the board. Datto’s Virtual SIRIS has given Big Sur a complete and total solution. They were able to build their own Datto environment, back up every single cloud customer, and customize how they support their customers.

“If we have medical companies who need to keep seven years of backups, but we want to keep it somewhere out of our building, we can do that with Datto’s time-based retention policy - but we don’t have to do it for everyone. We can do it for that one customer who needs something unique.”

Datto’s virtual SIRIS has given Big Sur a complete and total solution.
Charles Love,
Director of Service and Cloud Operations

Big Sur is currently utilizing two Virtual SIRIS devices, splitting their customer base between the two. Each device can store up to 20 terabytes of data, which is immensely helpful as they continue to grow.

Presently, Big Sur can attest that a large portion of their customers’ servers have all moved out of their customer’s closets and into the Big Sur data center.

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