Business Continuity Delivered, Despite Superstorm Sandy

On Monday, October 29th Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast with torrential rain, wind and flooding, causing an unprecedented level of damage to homes, businesses, and communities. During this time, Datto and its Partners were vigilant at assisting businesses by providing Intelligent Business Continuity services so clients could keep their IT infrastructures up and running throughout the storm. Norman Steiner of ACE IT Solutions, was one of Datto’s Partners that was affected by the storm.

When you’re put under duress like [during Sandy] and everything comes together so well and performs like it’s supposed to, it’s a great feeling. Norman Steiner, ACE IT Solutions

The storm knocked out power to parts of lower Manhattan. Because of ACE IT Solutions’ 24x7 server/network monitoring systems, they were aware of which of their clients were down. Throughout the night and early Tuesday, October 30th, ACE IT Solutions system engineers were assessing outages and started to act on client’s disaster recovery plans. One of their hedge fund’s office building was without power. As a hedge fund, the client desperately needed access to essential market information contained on one of their servers, and quickly, as a temporary trading suspension was scheduled to be lifted the following morning. Luckily, ACE IT Solutions had partnered with Datto and provided the Datto SIRIS Intelligent Business Continuity Solution to their client.

Prepared for this type of scenario, Norman and his team knew exactly what to do to get their client back to work. Without power at the local site, a cloud virtualization of the client’s server was going to be necessary. Upon contacting Datto’s Technical Support team, the hedge fund’s server backup was virtualized, connected to the Internet, and awaiting network configuration within two hours. Next, 15 VPN connections were created for the hedge fund’s staff to connect to the cloud virtualization the next morning when trading opened. All-in-all, from first contact, to full- access, ACE IT Solutions’ client was back up and running in under four hours.

Given the state of NYC and the surrounding region, the road to full recovery was not easy. ACE IT Solutions’ client was no exception, having lost power for over a week. Luckily, with the Datto SIRIS solution at their disposal, the hedge fund was able to maintain uninterrupted connectivity to their virtual server and continue to trade on the markets through Tuesday, November 6th when power was restored to their facility and local operations were ready to resume once again. After communicating with Datto that the client was ready for local restoration, Datto collected the incremental changes made on the virtual database server in the cloud and placed them on a private FTP site to be migrated to the original production server.

ACE IT Solutions’ Datto experience went off without a hitch, to say the least. Given that the client was a hedge fund, stringent time restrictions were placed on both the client, ACE IT Solutions and Datto to restore operations as quickly as possible so that they were ready to trade when the financial markets reopened. Failure to do so would have crippled the reputation of Datto’s partnership with ACE IT Solutions, ACE IT Solutions’ relationship with their client, and the hedge fund with its own constituents whose funds they manage.

Leveraging Datto’s instant off-site virtualization technology and its dedicated support staff, ACE IT Solutions was able to deliver on their promise of Intelligent Business Continuity for their client; saving not only their clients’ reputation, but the incalculable amounts of money that could have been lost had they not been able to access their market data.

Reflecting on his experience with Datto SIRIS during the storm, Norman has this to say; “It’s great to have complete confidence in the solution that we sell and deliver on the promises we make to our clients, despite the challenges we faced ...When you’re put under duress like [during Sandy] and everything comes together so well and performs like it’s supposed to, it’s a great feeling.”

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