PSA Software to Grow Your IT Organization

Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based IT service management platform providing a singular view of your entire operation. Autotask PSA enables you to grow your operations and make data-driven decisions to improve service, productivity and profitability.

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Unify People, Processes and Technology for a Seamless IT Ecosystem

Autotask PSA centralizes 5+ tools into one cohesive service delivery workflow and provides instant understanding through customizable dashboards and widgets, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

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Delight and Exceed User Expectations With a Robust Service Delivery Platform

Autotask PSA provides robust automation, centralized alert management and smart insights for documentation and device remote control.

The Most Integrated PSA

Autotask PSA is connected to your world with 250+ industry tools and the most integrations to IT Complete to maximize business efficiency.

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PSA Software For MSPs

Eradicate Errors and Inefficiency With Automated Back Office

Complete back-office management with flexible contracts and automated usage-based billing reduces errors and wasted time by 35%.

Improve Service Delivery and Profitability by Centralizing Business Operations

A single, intuitive solution designed for every role — from technicians to sales to executive management — Autotask PSA software centralizes business operations to improve insights, accuracy, productivity, service levels and profitability.


Actionable Intelligence and Insights for Growth

Autotask’s action-oriented interface not only gives you instant visual insights and understanding of your operations, but also provides a one-click drill down into the details, allowing you to make better decisions.

As a result, you’ll understand more and your team can meet the increasing demands of your users with customizable dashboards, widgets and ticket categories.

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Run your business efficiently and achieve next-level IT services with our integrated product suite
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Centralize Operations to Increase Satisfaction

The intelligent platform improves the efficiency and accuracy of IT service with workflows optimized to help resolve tickets faster and make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and profitability.

Powerful Automation

Automate mundane and tedious ticket action with workflows to improve accuracy and save time allowing you to focus on serving your users.

Orchestrate Every Request, Incident and Problem

Security alerts, user requests and proactive tasks are centralized so immediate action can be taken and issues can be resolved faster.

A PSA Platform Designed to Improve the Management of your Business

Powerful Service Desk

Resolve tickets faster and improve customer experience.

A Unified RMM-PSA experience

An intelligent, integrated platform that makes service delivery more efficient.

LiveMobile App

Stay connected to your business on the go.

Frequently Asked Remote Monitoring and Management Questions

PSA stands for Professional Services Automation and is the central hub for any managed service provider (MSP), technology service provider (TSP) or internal IT team. A proper PSA solution integrates with critical applications that multifunctional IT teams need to run their business, providing full visibility into end users, internal operations and profitability. The PSA solution should be purpose-built for IT teams and have a user experience that is optimal for unique workflows and business processes.

A PSA solution provides a one-stop shop for an MSP. This tool can organize process information, client information, inventory, billable hours, time-off requests, and more.

Yes, Autotask PSA is built with the MSP community at its heart. With an open-architecture and APIs its enable tight integration with 170+ industry-leading tools to maximize business efficiency.

Autotask is a key module in the IT Complete platform, bringing powerful workflow integrations to RMM, backup and IT documentation to improve efficiency.

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Yes, Autotask is a scalable platform that was born in the cloud, requires no hardware to maintain, and a relentless focus on security to maximize uptime. You can spend more time growing your business and less time maintaining your internal systems.


“In the 90 days after using the unified platform between PSA and RMM, we saved almost a full workweek of labor. It's a tremendous return on investment for us and we certainly could never go back.”

Micah Thor
Micah Thor null, TechGuru

“Within 24 hours we had eyes on systems and in 30 days we had cut our ticket backlog in half.”

Donnie Gerault
Donnie Gerault President, Empact IT

“To be a successful MSP, you need to have PSA and RMM. The way that Autotask has brought these together has created an entirely more dynamic way for us to see how our business is performing and whether or not we’re delighting our customers.”

Thomas Clancy
Thomas Clancy President, Valiant

Centralize Your Billing, CRM, and Service Desk in Autotask PSA

Looking to unify people, process, and data? Autotask PSA is perfect for that
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