An important Cloud maintenance update has been posted March 27, 2018. Please read the info here.

Datto Partners,

Datto remains attentive to addressing public disclosure of two vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre, that affect a wide variety of modern processor and operating system vendors. Datto has been closely monitoring developments with these vulnerabilities since information on them first became public, and formed a special response team to actively identify and work on remediation strategies.

After viable patches were made available to us in February, a period of careful patch validation and monitoring occurred. After we were comfortable with the safety, we initiated a large scale release of operating system patches to Datto Cloud storage systems. This included a published maintenance window on March 10 for US and Canada Cloud storage server patching. All of these combined efforts have driven the safe patching of more than 90% of all storage systems across all Datto Cloud operating regions to date. Remaining systems will be addressed in the coming weeks and days.

Local Datto devices are nearly complete in receiving similar operating system patches via Datto's regular automatic device update process. Datto IRIS 3.71.3 release contains vetted and quality assured patches.

We plan to continue to provide updates on our response to Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities as material progress is made.

Thank you,

Ryan Weeks

Chief Information Security Officer