Datto introduces “Siris”, a departure from the conventional method of data backup that will change the way backup is done forever. Siris can instantly virtualize off-site and will provide small to medium businesses with the most secure and cost effective backup and disaster recovery solution on the market.

Datto’s passion for innovation has once again made its mark on the backup and disaster recovery industry. With the release of “Siris”, Datto has dramatically simplified the backup process by providing a solution that offers complete end-to-end business continuity. By eliminating the image chain in the backup process, Datto devices can now take information directly from the server to virtual machines, making data recovery both faster and more robust.

Datto’s unique process of inverse chain technology prevents the risk of file damage because the base image is always the newest file. This is different from traditional backup where computers must rely on older files to restore newer ones. Datto’s new technology ensures that the full image is always at the front of the backup chain, and does not rely on past files for recovery. Siris is also the only backup device in the Channel that offers instant off-site virtualization. This feature provides rapid restoration, even in the event of a complete facility loss, by allowing companies to completely failover to the cloud.

“The release of Siris represents a tremendous amount of time and effort from the entire Datto team. Thanks to valuable feedback from our Channel partners, we were able to create a cutting edge product that will change the industry standard for BDR solutions,” said Austin McChord, President & CEO.

Siris offers a full spectrum of incredible features that will enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to bring this solution to companies of various sizes. Siris provides unprecedented insight into the backup process by providing screenshots of each backup image.

Siris also implements other benefits such as, data deduplication, instant local virtualization, quick setup, and a web interface that is fully managed over the internet. The user has the ability to test virtual machines at any time. Please visit the Marketing Section on the Partner Portal to access and download a brochure on Siris.

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