Datto Launches Managed Power Product Line to Reduce Costly On-Site Visits

Apr 26, 2018

Cloud-Managed Devices Enable MSPs to Remotely Reboot and Track Client Power Usage

Norwalk, CT – April 26th, 2018 – Datto announced today the launch of Datto Managed Power, a new line of fully cloud-managed devices that will give Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the ability to remotely or automatically power cycle unresponsive devices and help reduce the need for costly on-site visits.

The MP60, the initial model released today in North America, provides six independently controlled outlets and includes integrated WiFi connectivity to simplify and expand deployment options. Beyond the remote reboot capability, the MP60 offers robust surge protection for connected devices, and comprehensive management and troubleshooting options. The MP60 also enables MSPs to quickly view the wattage each connected device is drawing over a period of time which gives MSPs the ability to monitor power usage and serves as an effective troubleshooting tool.

"Having the ability to remotely and automatically reboot devices is really a game-changer for us" said Joe Wright, Jr. of Central PA Technologies, LLC. "As an MSP, we strive to maximize uptime and efficiency for our clients. So many client devices just need a reboot to restore performance. That functionality, plus the ability to schedule outlets and report on power usage is extremely  valuable to us. Datto's Managed Power will be included as a standard deployment line item for our managed services clients moving forward."

Datto Managed Power devices offer a number of unique capabilities:

  • Automated Ping Test:  Continuous monitoring of connected devices can trigger an automatic power-cycle when a device becomes unresponsive. The intuitive interface enables granular control of automation in addition to manual and scheduled power cycle options.

  • Surge Protection, Reimagined: Device includes 4,000 joules of surge protection, and provides an alert in the cloud management UI when protection becomes depleted. If depletion occurs, a replacement unit is automatically processed and shipped  without requiring time or effort from the MSP.

  • Simple, Intuitive Cloud Management: Cloud management simplifies deployment and management by MSPs, removing the requirement to locally configure devices and simplifying deployment at scale.

  • Integrated WiFi Plus Ethernet Connectivity: Ethernet connectivity is not always available where managed power is needed. In addition to its standard ethernet connection, the MP60 offers integrated WiFi to allow deployment anywhere within a Datto Networking WiFi network. The moment a device is plugged in, an automatic mesh connection is made to Datto Networking access points on the network.

  • Automated Power Reporting: MSPs can schedule ongoing network reporting that offers a detailed account of client environments by providing an overview of power usage over time and a summary of each device in use for a client.

  • As-a-Service:  Priced for delivery as a managed service, auto-replacement if surge protection is depleted, and backed by a lifetime warranty - Datto Managed Power is purpose-built to save MSP’s time and money.

“Datto Managed Power is uniquely focused on solving pain points that MSPs face in remotely managing electronic devices. Many times, the devices become unresponsive or have no remote management capabilities,” said John Tippett, Vice President of Networking at Datto. “We took a fresh look at how we could develop a power product that saves our partners time and maximizes their productivity. From the cloud management features and surge protection capabilities to the lifetime warranty and auto-replacement process, we expect this product to have a profound impact on the profitability of MSPs and the uptime of their clients.”

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