Managed Power

Datto Managed Power enables MSPs to remotely or automatically reboot any non-responsive electronic device. Fully WiFi enabled and managed in the cloud, the MP10 and MP60 deliver smart power control, complete with historical power consumption graphs and more.

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  • MSP-Centric Features
  • Power Port Scheduling
  • Power Usage Monitoring
  • Integrated wiFi
  • Out-of-the-Box Ready

MSP-Centric Features

Set up ping tests and auto-reboot. Graphically view historical power usage. Turn power ports on. Turn them off. Click to reboot. Set a schedule. It’s all really simple with Datto’s intuitive cloud interface.

Power Port Scheduling

Set a schedule to turn power ports on or off. Proactively reboot a cable or DSL modem every night. Auto-Schedule a power port reset. The power is at your fingertips, saving your clients money and giving you more control.

Power Usage Monitoring

Datto’s Managed Power enables an MSP to quickly view power usage for all connected devices. The power consumption graph shows the wattage each connected device is drawing over a period of time.

This gives you and your client more control and the ability to monitor usage over time. It also serves as an effective troubleshooting tool, enabling you to see, over a period of time, when devices are powered on, powered off, or sleeping.

Integrated wiFi

You read that right. WiFi in your Managed Power device. The MP60, Datto’s 6 port Managed Power device includes integrated WiFi to streamline deployment. As soon as you plug in the MP60, it automatically makes a mesh connection with any other Datto Networking WiFi access points on the network.

So if the integrated ethernet connection isn’t available, you’ve still got WiFi.

Out-of-the-Box Ready

As with all Datto Networking products, Datto Managed Power is ready to go right out of the box. Because all setup is done in the cloud, all you need to do is plug your device in. Ready for power, right out of the box.

Non-responsive device?
Your options are limited

If a device stops responding, you can tell your client to walk into the closet, pull out the plug and then plug it back in. And then hope that they pulled the right plug. Not a good option!

The other choice? Go on a POWER TRIP! That's when you take a trip to your client's site just to pull the plug yourself. Also, not a good option!

Datto Managed Power:
Power at your fingertips

Datto Managed Power eliminates POWER TRIPS. Now, from the comfort of your own chair, you can click a button and reboot that non-responsive device.

And if the internet is down? Datto Managed Power can be set to continuously ping a list of IP addresses or websites. If those pings don't connect, each individual power port can be set to automatically reboot. Simple, Power at your Fingertips.

No More Power Trips

The Power Trip. That's what we call it when you get in your car, head to your client's site, walk into their server room and pull the plug on that non-responsive device. Sure, once the device reboots, things usually go back to working just fine. But you had to get in your car. And that cost you money.

Auto Reboot

What happens if a device becomes non-responsive, and the MSP is not able to get to it immediately? The client has to wait, or worse, they start to pull plugs on things. That can create a whole host of issues for both the client and the MSP.

That’s why we built the Ping Test Power Cycle, a list of customizable IP addresses or sites for the Managed Power device to ping on a regular basis. Every five minutes, the Managed Power device pings up to 5 different IP addresses. If all pings fail, for each power port that has Ping Text Power Cycle turned on, the reboot process for that power port automatically initiates. That’s zero touch power cycling, saving the MSP time and effort, and eliminating troublesome, non responsive devices automatically.

One-Click Reboot

Not every device plugged in to Managed Power has an IP address. And some devices just need to be more carefully managed. So, we provide a manual one-click reboot option for each power port.

Simply click the Power Cycle button for the power port in question and it reboots. OK, we ask you to confirm your choice since we don’t want you to do something by accident.

But it’s one (ish) clicks and your non-responsive device is back in action.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Auto Replacement
  • Reporting

Lifetime Warranty

Datto Managed Power ships with a lifetime warranty...backed by our advanced replacement program. If you have an issue with your device, we ship you a new one before you send your damaged device back.

Auto Replacement

The lifetime warranty includes an auto replacement of a Managed Power device if and when the surge protection becomes depleted. Yes, we said it. Auto replacement. Once the surge protection is depleted, an alert will trigger an automatic RMA on the device.

And because they are managed in the cloud, there is no need to spend time reconfiguring the replacement - just update the MAC in the cloud, plug it in and go. Lifetime warranty for Managed Power means surge protection is always available.


Built in to the Datto Partner Portal is Network Reporting. Datto partners use these reports to demonstrate what is happening with their customers and to get a detailed account of their environments.

Reports can be scheduled or run on an ad-hoc basis, provide an overview of power usage over time, and a summary of each power device in use for that client.


Datto Managed Power was purpose-built for the MSP. That means it was born in the cloud, enabling remote configuration, deployment and ongoing management, all from a single-pane-of-glass.

Datto Partner Portal

It all starts with the Datto Partner Portal, one of the best reasons for being a Datto Partner. Within the Partner Portal, Datto partners get access to everything they need, including tech support, device management, training, product information, sales tools and marketing materials.

And it’s all secured with two factor authentication. It is truly a one-stop-shop of management and business tools built for an MSP to operate more efficiently and to grow its business.

Fully Cloud-Managed

For the MSP, being able to remotely manage devices is table stakes. Cloud management simplifies things, and enables remote deployments and troubleshooting.

And for an MSP, managing and/or monitoring its client’s IT infrastructure from the cloud lowers the total cost of ownership. That’s why Datto Managed Power is fully cloud-managed, with nothing to set up or deploy on-site.


Plug your Datto Managed Power device in and it will self-organize with all of the other Datto Networking devices on the network and automatically connect to Datto’s cloud management Portal.

Configure in the cloud. Just-plug-it-in. It's really that simple.


MP10 Specifications
MP60 Specifications
Power Specs & Capacity
Power Ports 1
Surge Protection 30⅃/560V Clamping Voltage
Input 120V, 15A, 60Hz
Ethernet N/A
WiFi 2x2 802.11n Mesh
Per-Port Power Reading Yes
Per-Port Scheduling/Reset Yes
Autorecover Logic Yes
Hardware & Environmental
Altitude Up to 2000m (6,561 ft.)
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
Dimensions 7.9cm x 3.6cm x 5cm
(3.11 in. x 1.42 in. x 1.97 in.)
Weight .15 lbs
Power Cord Length N/A
Cable Type N/A
Certifications FCC/IC/RoHS
Regional Availability North America
Warranty Lifetime*

Terms and Conditions apply as outlined in Partner Portal*

Power Specs & Capacity
Power Ports 6
Surge Protection 4,000 Joules
Input 100-125V, 15.5A, 60Hz
USB 2 USB C (2.1A), 2 USB A (1A),
Power Only
Ethernet 1 Port
WiFi 2x2 802.11n Mesh
Per-Port Power Reading Yes
Per-Port Scheduling/Reset Yes
Autorecover Logic Yes
Hardware & Environmental
Altitude Up to 2000m (6,561 ft.)
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
Dimensions 120mm x 101.6mm x 38.1mm
(4.75 in. x 4 in. x 1.5 in.)
Weight .81Kg (1.79 lbs)
Power Cord Length 6ft.
Cable Type IEC Detachable
Certifications ETL US safety UL60950, CSA
22.2 Canadian UL60950, USB
UL60950, UL60730, UL1449,
UL61010, FCC/IC, Rohs,UL 498
Regional Availability North America
Warranty Lifetime*

Terms and Conditions apply as outlined in Partner Portal*