Partner Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Any current Datto partner in good financial standing that actively participates in the Datto Partner Program is eligible to make referrals.

The referring partner may not be the same as or affiliated in any way with the MSP they refer.

All referrals must be entered into the referral form at; each referral will be date stamped upon successful completion and submission to

Where required, the referring partner is responsible for obtaining permission from the MSP to be entered as a referral and to be contacted by Datto.

If multiple referrals for the same MSP are received, they will be reviewed in order from the date of valid and complete referral submission to

A valid referral is the first referral entered for a managed service provider (a) not already known to Datto; or (b) associated with a Datto account that has been inactive for at least 6 months from the date of referral.

A referral will be successful if it is valid and the referred MSP registers in the Datto Partner Portal and purchases a Datto product within 3 months from the date of referral. Minimum first time purchase of $50 in monthly recurring fees is required. If the referred MSP returns the purchase within the standard Datto 60 day return period, the referring partner will no longer be eligible to receive payment

For each successful referral, Datto will pay the referring partner $1,000 in local currency via check or ACH transfer approximately 90 days following the date the referred MSP makes a purchase that is not returned. Payment will be made to the referring partner name (company or individual) as entered on the referral form.

No retroactive referrals will be accepted.

The Datto Partner Referral Program is offered at Datto’s sole discretion and is subject to change or termination at any time without notice. Datto will make all decisions regarding the Datto Referral Program, including eligibility of and payments for all referrals.