Partner Training

The Datto Academy

The Datto Academy is a knowledge-sharing program designed to provide Partners with all the information and training necessary to get the most value out of Datto devices and services. The more our Partners know, the better they can serve their end-users and the more successful they become. The Datto Academy combines online training programs, hands on seminars and workshops, and live and recorded topical webinars. The Datto Academy offers both Basic and Advanced training courses. Visit the Datto Academy.

Basic Training

The Datto Academy online learning portal is a great place to start your learning journey with Datto. Self-paced Basic Technical & Sales courses are available online to equip you with all the information you need to confidently sell and support Datto devices and services. The learning modules are designed to get partners up and running quickly and easily, with How To’s, best practices, and definitions of industry terms. Visit the Datto Academy.

Datto Certified Advanced Technician (DCAT) Training

The DCAT Training Session is a two day hands-on technical program given at our state-of-the-art training facility in Norwalk, CT, as well as online and in select locations around the country and the world.

In addition to the knowledge gained and personal touch of classroom training, Datto partners have seen a 50% increase in profitability after becoming DCAT Certified, as well as more confidence and speed in serving clients directly when they are in need.

Don Bentz, co-founder of Preferred IT Group states training benefits include, “immediate savings in reduced support calls to Datto, quicker resolutions and my support team members are begging to be sent next.  If you are going to truly engage with Datto as your business continuity vendor, training is something that you shouldn’t think twice about.”

DCAT Training provides your technicians with in-depth instruction on how to traverse Linux and ZFS file systems as well as Datto-specific processes, best practices and advanced troubleshooting. After passing the exam, confident in their DCAT Certification, your technicians will be prepared to handle any issue that can arise in a client’s environment.

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DCAT Training Schedule

The DCAT Training is available in Norwalk, CT at Datto Headquarters, online via a virtual classroom, and offered throughout the year in select locations around the country and the world.

US & Canadian Partners: Visit the Datto Academy and enroll into the ‘Datto Certified Advanced Technician Learning Plan.
EMEA Partners: Please contact your sales representative for the training schedule in your area.

Watch a Datto Academy Video Testimonial from one of our Partners