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Guides and Resources

From getting started to becoming an expert we have all the resources that you need to make your journey with Datto a success.

Top Resources to Improve your Commerce Experience

Getting started with any new item in your technology stack can be tricky, so we have put together these four resources to get you on your way to becoming a Quote Manager master.

Demo Video

Watch how Quote Manager can drive efficiency and profitability into your MSP.

Watch now

Product Datasheet

Dive into Quote Manager with our product datasheet. It includes a product overview and features.


Calvert Case Study

Learn how Calvert Technologies made the switch to Quote Manager and improved the efficiency of their quoting process by generating quotes in seconds.


iTech Case Study

Read how ITECH Solutions was able to triple their sales pipeline without having to scale up their sales force with the help and efficiency of Quote Manager.


Blackbird IT Case Study

Learn how Blackbird IT's choice to switch to Quote Manager has improved their quoting efficiency by 50%.


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