Parassure Cyber + Insurance

Parassure provides a channel-only, subscription service for your customers that comes with a $250,000 cyber insurance policy + pre-paid breach crisis response services + cyber breach notifications (Dark Web monitoring, Shadow IT scans, and 3rd Party breach monitoring).

Parassure connects to Autotask AETS (Email Ticketing) to automatically create tickets for customers from notices in Parassure. The ticket record is linked to the user’s email address, making ticketing automatic. Parassure further includes recommended actions for the customer to take to remediate the alert.

Parassure Partners who use Autotask PSA can proactively avoid Account Takeover with Dark Web alerts, file insurance claims against 3rd party breaches, and offer breach response services (as a service) through Parassure's cyber insurance.

* Users can now configure their customers’ Dark Web exposure alerts to seamlessly create tickets within Autotask.

* Users can now configure their customers’ 3rd Party (SaaS, Cloud, etc) breach alerts to seamlessly create tickets within Autotask.

* This integration allows for smoother and quicker response time to the customer and will streamline processes for the administrator.

Available in the U.S in English.

Contact information for Sales and Support - msp@parassure.com

Documentation - https://partner.parassure.com/myaccount#integration