Helpdesk & NOC


Helpdesk & NOC

NOC Services - We provide MSPs with flexible remote device monitoring, management and remediation services for all monitored devices, in-hours, out-of-hours or 24/7/365.

Helpdesk - Our North America-based technical helpdesk offers first contact resolution for our MSP partners' end users to ensure they are fully supported wherever they are located - in-hours, out-of-hours or 24/7/365.

Project Services - We enable our MSP partners to expand the services they offer their clients by tapping into our range of specialist skills to plug expertise and resource gaps.

Integration Features

NOC Services

  • Full Autotask integration and AEM support
  • In-hours, out-of-hours or 24/7/365
  • Flexible: mix and match services to suit
  • High-quality and proactive
  • Seamless: we work closely with your own technical team

Service Desk

  • 85% First contact resolution
  • Calls answered by North America-based level 2 engineers
  • Seamless integration with NOC for level 3 support
  • Mix and match support hours by client: in-hours, out-of hours, 24/7

Sales & Support