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Datastring is a customer centric Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Provider. Our solution protects your data no matter where it resides, on physical or virtual servers and in the cloud. We have identified gaps in the current data protection offerings and our fully managed & monitored solution provides the strongest and simplest data protection offering on the market. Our expert team design, configure and manage every aspect of your cloud backup or disaster recovery solution, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

This integration allows users to select certain events on the Datastring portal that can trigger automatic ticket creation on their Autotask account. A common use case for this is to alert the user via Autotask if an error has occurred with a backup activity.

- automated ticket creation
- syncing of Autotask configuration: users can set a default ticket configuration for Datastring tickets via our portal.
- mapping of Datastring accounts to Autotask accounts
- users have full control over which Datastring events and status can trigger ticket creation

Available in Ireland and the UK in English

UK: 0203 034 0523
US: 716 242 7138
IE: 016 99 4540
UK: 0203 034 0523
US: 716 242 7138
IE: 016 99 4540


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