Ransomware Recovery

With frequent cloud backups of the Datto NAS, roll back to a point in time before the attack, and be the ransomware-fighting hero.

PSA and RMM Integration

Datto NAS integrates seamlessly with the remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) tools that are the lifeblood of a managed services practice.

This means less time spent on technology and more time invested in growing your business.

Rapid File Recovery

When end users mistakenly delete a file they need, NAS cloud snapshots enable them to easily find recover and get back to work.

RoundTrip™ Drives

Depending on the speed of an internet connection and the amount of data to transfer, it can take days to upload an initial snapshot to the Cloud.

RoundTrip™ Drives speed this process by physically sending drives to Datto for the initial snapshot. Subsequent images use significantly less bandwidth and time.