The Diocese of Austin Ramps Up Cloud and Security Services — Backed by Data Integrity and Powered by Datto

The Diocese of Austin was founded in November 1947 as the seventh diocese in Texas by Pope Pius XII. The diocese comprises 127 parishes, missions, university Catholic student centers and 23 schools. It is home to over 701,300 Catholics across 25 counties of Central Texas in the United States.

The Diocese of Austin is backed by Data Integrity Services and powered by Datto, enabling them to provide top-notch IT and security services.

Data Integrity Services, Inc., a Florida-based managed service provider (MSP) and Datto partner, leverages Datto RMM, BCDR and other industry-leading solutions to offer co-managed IT services. This partnership approach in IT management enables Data Integrity to empower clients like the Diocese of Austin to significantly reduce IT costs while still deploying and managing IT and cybersecurity in-house.

  • Company: Diocese of Austin
  • Industry: Non-Profits
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Established: 1947
  • Interviewed: Mike Sandoval, Network Administrator

“Recently, when Microsoft published CVE-2023-23397, we were concerned about the patch status of Microsoft Office on our managed devices. We utilized Datto RMM’s Software Management feature and Patch policies to protect our clients’ devices from this vulnerability.”

Mike Sandoval

Network Administrator, Diocese of Austin

The Challenge

The Diocese of Austin used remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions from other vendors to fulfill their clients’ IT and security needs. However, those solutions did not fit their need for up-to-date, intuitive solutions. Not only were these conventional RMM’s manual, clunky and slow to innovate, but the Diocese of Austin also did not receive the support and training required to deliver superior IT experience.

The Diocese of Austin was looking for an advanced IT security solution to remotely secure, monitor and manage their customers’ networks and computers.

“In addition to the simplicity of Datto RMM, the remote assist feature is built-in, and we don’t need to get additional solutions; everything is included. The portal is continuously improving with its enhancements and the new UI. It has been overall great — no complaints.”

Mike Sandoval

Network Administrator, Diocese of Austin

The Solution

One of the major reasons the Diocese of Austin switched from a conventional RMM solution to Datto RMM was its simplicity and that it eliminated the need to outsource add-on services. Datto RMM is a secure and fully featured RMM solution with automation capabilities, enabling the Diocese of Austin to discover and remediate IT issues at scale with little to no manual intervention. Datto RMM’s Software Management module and Patch Management policy logging were utilized to audit the patching status of Microsoft Office on the Diocese’ managed devices and found that several devices were not up to date with the latest security patches. The necessary patches were then immediately deployed to these devices using Datto RMM, reducing the risk of being compromised by the Microsoft Outlook Privilege Escalation vulnerability (CVE-2023-23397).

According to Mike, manual discovery and remediation to address this vulnerability would not have been practical at the scale of the Diocese’ IT ecosystem without Datto RMM.

“We love that Datto is transparent and open about any faults in the product and accepts feedback from its partners to release new updates that solve any issues. All vendors should be completely transparent and honest, like Datto.”

Mike Sandoval

Network Administrator, Diocese of Austin

Other Benefits

Datto enables companies to grow not only by going direct to clients but also by going through the co-managed route. As Mike says, “We love that we can resell Datto solutions. We received training and certifications, which is a huge thing. Our business wouldn’t be where it is today if we couldn’t resell them.”

The Diocese of Austin also leverages Datto RMM’s reporting engine to easily create accurate, flexible and elegant reports that clients love.

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