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The cloud protected file sharing platform for businesses

Datto Drive is the first cost effective file sync and share platform for business, privately deployed and protected by the secure Datto Cloud. Easily enable Datto Drive locally or in the cloud to keep files and folders in sync across user devices, and share business files in- and outside of the organization.

Ideal for sharing large files, collaborating with partners or just accessing files from any device, Datto Drive is available with unlimited users for a single flat fee in the Cloud. Alternatively, Datto Drive local may be deployed on DNAS and SIRIS 3 for handling more sensitive data, providing the same user experience and accessibility from local hardware at no extra cost. Both deployment methods are fully backed up by the secure Datto Cloud. Whether in the office or on the road, collaborate with partners and employees anytime, anywhere, from any device to get business done, fast.







Datto Drive is the cloud protected file sync and share platform for business. This means employees and partners can collaborate inside and outside of the organization with a modern, seamless user experience from any platform. Whether using Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or a web interface, files are available anywhere via a secure performant interface, running in a private host just for your business.

Modern Collaboration

Traditional file sharing solutions are cumbersome, hard to use and require VPNs for offsite access. These days, users and partners expect simple, seamless access to files wherever they are, from any device. Datto Drive delivers this experience with native mobile apps, Windows, Mac and Linux sync clients, and web browsers so that access never gets in the way of business.


Lightweight File backup

For many business users, everything they do on a daily basis is captured in files, from sales reports to strategic planning, marketing materials to detailed designs and more. For this reason, access to those files is paramount to the business. In these cases, Datto Drive is a private and secure file sync and share system that provides file backups, allowing users to work across devices from anywhere, at any time, and have a copy available. Further, redundant data centers, versions, trash bin and complete cloud backups take this to the next level, providing truly protected file sync and share.


Traditional file sync and share solutions are highly susceptible to ransomware attacks. Simply infect one user’s PC, and files are then automatically synced amongst all devices. Datto Drive is the only platform that natively protects against ransomware by taking complete backups of all Datto Drive files, enabling complete rollback to before an incident. Simply restore a backup to a state prior to the attack and get back to business.


Large file transfer

Files keep getting bigger, making them harder to share. Worse, email servers continue to use storage at an exponential rate. Instead of using expensive email storage or difficult to use FTP servers for large file sharing, simply provide external links. Datto Drive links can be emailed to anyone, and files and folders can be uploaded or downloaded based on the use case. Solve your large file transfer problem securely with Datto Drive.



Datto Drive Backup

Datto will now provide backups of Datto Drive contents to its cloud. For free accounts, backups will take place weekly. For our Premium accounts, backups will take place once a day. Rest assured your cloud-based File Sync and Share content will be protected and available for restore quickly and efficiently.


MSP Tool Enhancements

Datto is always looking for ways to help partners improve services to their endusers. For that reason, we’ve added several features:

  • Account impersonation
  • Ability to restore Datto Drive account from a backup
  • Redesigned portal, which provides a consistent experience with the existing partner portal
  • Push custom branding to clients' DD account
  • Reporting v1: partner can view activity report on user or company wide basis, for the last 30 days

File Sync

With Bring Your Own Device policies the new norm, an average office worker brings at least 2 devices to work. Usually these are a combination of phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Datto Drive syncs files and folders across all of these devices, enabling efficient work from anywhere, anytime, on any device, always with the latest content.


File Sharing

At the core of modern business is the need to share files inside and outside of the organization. Datto Drive provides a simple, easy to use mechanism for sharing files with other users with the click of a button. If desired, set read, write and share permissions on a file or folder basis. Spend more time working and less time figuring out how to share files with Datto Drive.


Cross Platform Support

Datto Drive provides native apps for iOS and Android, sync clients for Windows, Mac and Linux, and web browser access for the latest releases of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. In addition, users can leverage standard third party WebDAV tools to access files on Datto Drive. Sync files across all of these platforms so you are never at a loss for the files you need, when you need them, in the office or on the road.


Cloud Protected

However you choose to access Datto Drive, it is backed up to the secure Datto Cloud. Unlike other file sync and share solutions, this means that files can be restored en mass at any time. If ransomware strikes, simply roll back to a time before the attack. If a file is lost, simply check file versions or the Datto Drive deleted files app and recover them as needed. With Datto Drive, your files are protected.


Virus Scanning

Any time files are shared among users, there is the potential for viruses to propagate. For this reason, Datto Drive embeds a virus scanner that checks every file when it is uploaded to the server. If a virus is detected, the upload is cancelled, users are notified, and the event is logged.


Geo Location and Redundancy

With Datto Drive, you get to choose where your data is hosted. Choose one of our global data centers as your primary location, and with Datto Drive Business or better, your Datto Drive will be automatically queued and replicated to a second data center in your region. In case Datto Drive experiences a failure, you will be failed-over automatically to the second data center.


File Versions

One of the largest challenges with collaborating on files is maintaining versions. With Datto Drive, versions are automatically taken and stored. As files are updated, new versions are stored and pruned automatically. Datto drive also allows users to revert to older versions with a click.


External links

These days, not everyone you work with is an employee of the company. More often suppliers, partners, customers and employees all work together on projects. Datto Drive uses external links to share files and folders with external parties. Don’t let organizational boundaries get in the way of business. Set permissions, expirations, and passwords; and start sharing safely today.


File Firewall

Even the most protected systems can be compromised by a persistent attacker. Fortunately, Datto Drive includes the File Firewall, an embedded rules engine that evaluates every connection request. Like a firewall for files, if a request passes the rules, the connection is allowed. If not, access is denied. Even if a username and password are compromised, File Firewall policies provide one last line of defense.


Admin Control

To many, consumer file sharing services represent a security risk to the business. Fortunately, Datto Drive is an enterprise class system built from the ground up with enterprise class security in mind. From granular sharing permissions, encryption and the file firewall, to audit logging and user management, the intuitive user interface allows admins to control and manage file access equally.



While all connections to and from Datto Drive are encrypted with SSL, there is also an encryption at rest feature built into the system. With this feature enabled, files stored in Datto Drive are encrypted with AES 256 when stored on the server. These files can be encrypted with a single key for the entire system, or with an individual key per user, and recovered via the admin recovery key.


Tags and Workflows

Datto Drives support browser based tags, allowing users to tag and categorize files and folders. Further, these tags can be integrated into File Firewall rules to prevent certain files from leaving the server ever, or to allow other files. Simply set the workflow rules for a tag, and any connection attempting to violate those rules will be denied and logged.



Working with others on files often leads to the need to have a discussion about the files. Comments enable users to carry on a discussion about a file or folder, and saves those comments in reverse chronological order. In this way, teams can collaborate on their own time, and make sure the right information about a file is shared with others in the proper context.


Activity Stream

Datto Drive allows users to set preferences for file activity notifications. These activities are compiled into a digest and emailed, shown in the web interface, or available via RSS feeds, and allow a user to keep up to speed on what is happening to their documents.


External Storage

Many Datto Drive users also have accounts on other systems such as Box and Dropbox. Datto Drive allows users to consolidate access to their Box, Dropbox and Datto Drive accounts into a single, Datto Drive interface. Leave files stored in Box and Dropbox, but access them through a single pane of glass - mobile, web and desktop sync included - with Datto Drive.



Many businesses have regulatory or policy requirements to retain certain documents for a minimum amount of time. Many of these same businesses also choose to have maximum retention periods for some documents. Datto Drive enables users to create tags, and admins to create rules to retain files and folders for a set amount of time before automatically removing them from the system.

Business Value


File Sync and Share Value Add

These days, file sync and share is a staple service for the modern connected worker. However, many of these services still charge per user fees for accessing your own files. For this reason, Datto Drive is offered to our partners for a single, flat fee. One or 10 users, one flat fee for the entire organization. This allows our partners to combine this staple service with other offerings, and provide value to their customers while still maintaining margin on their products and services.


Simple Fleet Promotion and Management

Most Datto partners have more than one service or system to manage. That is why we provide the Partner Portal, a single integrated place to go to manage all Datto services, including Datto Drive. Provision new Datto Drive instances for clients, manage storage, promote Datto Drive to customers, and manage the lead flow of new opportunities all through a single, integrated portal.

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Datto Drive is an n-tier web application providing cloud protected file sync and share for businesses. Built on an industry standard LAMP stack, the system is comprised of Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP code, with some javascript for web browser UI interactions. Further, fully integrated and rapidly deployed database instances, storage nodes, app servers are automatically deployed for every end customer organization. Secondary data centers are also deployed in region, enabling redundancy and failover. Of course, as a cloud based service this is completely transparent to the end-user. All of the complicated orchestration and deployment mechanisms, configurations and integrations with the Datto Partner Portal are kept behind the scenes so partners and customer can focus on their business, not integrating infrastructure.

There are three components to Datto Drive: Endpoints, Server and Storage. These three work together to deliver the complete solution to the end-user, and to ensure files are synchronized and shared properly at all times.



There are three primary platforms supported by Datto Drive: desktop sync clients, mobile apps and web browsers. Each provides a slightly different user experience optimized for the platform in question.


Desktop Sync

These platforms support a sync client installed on each device. The sync client runs in the system tray and connects the desktop to one or more Datto Drive instances. Any files updated on the server or on the desktop clients are recognized and synced bi-directionally. If files are simultaneously updated by separate users, the desktop sync clients create conflict files and notifies the users that a conflict needs to be resolved. Selective sync is available to handle cases where desktop devices are smaller than the total volume of cloud storage for the end-user, and icons in the finder, explorer or windowing environment represent the sync state for every file on the desktop. Files can also be shared directly from the desktop, with a simple right click.


Mobile Access

Native mobile apps for iOS and Android are provided through the Google Play and Apple App stores. Due to battery, bandwidth and storage limitations on mobile devices, Datto Drive mobile apps only sync files on demand. They provide a file explorer view of all files stored on the ownCloud server. Individual files are then downloaded when tapped, though thumbnails are downloaded automatically as directories are browsed. Simply tap a file and it is downloaded, and entire folders can be downloaded with two taps. Similarly, files and folders can be kept in sync with the server. Photos can be automatically uploaded to Datto Drive as soon a they are taken. Further, standard office files are previewed automatically in Datto Drive and editing is handled by the iOS document provider, as well as the iOS and Android Send To and Open In functions.

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Web Access

Datto Drive supports access from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. As an n-tier web based server application, the web browser is the primary means of accessing all of Datto Drive’s functionality. In a browser window, administrative settings are managed, new server “apps” can be can be installed, and users and groups are managed. Further, every user has complete access to files in their account, and can upload, download, move, rename, add new files, preview images, movies, PDF and text files, and share. The web interface is also touch aware, for use in touch screens, tablets and mobile phones. In many cases, Datto Drive web access is an effective way to get to files on the go, where full Datto Drive apps or clients are not installed.



Access to Datto Drive is also possible through WebDAV, an industry standard protocol for accessing, editing and sharing files. Built on the SabreDAV framework, Datto Drive provides supports 3rd party WebDAV clients that implement basic auth. For example, Windows, Mac and Linux desktop environments can mount Datto Drive as a network drive instead of a sync client. Other third party desktop and mobile device apps can provide the same capabilities to access Datto Drive as if it were a standard network storage device.

Server and Storage

The Datto Drive server is the brains of the operation. Deployed as a vhost in the secure Datto Cloud, it maintains metadata about all users, files and every other capabilities enabled in the instance. The server also maintains a persistent view of files and folders for all users, as well as managing authentication and access, accounts, group memberships, share links, external storage links, and all other features of Datto Drive. When a new system is deployed, a new vhost is created, connected to a storage node, and linked to a secondary data center for replication and redundancy. At any time, storage nodes can be extended to add storage capacity if a customer upgrades their tier of service.

Drive Architecture


Ubuntu 16.04

The latest release of one of the most popular Linux variants on the market, providing enterprise class security, manageability and performance in a small footprint. Ubuntu is the basic operating system for all deployments, and supports many standard packages that Datto Drive uses as building blocks for Datto Drive functionality, such as compression, encryption and file encoding.


Datto Drive

The application code that makes up Datto Drive. Based on the Enterprise Edition of the popular open source application ownCloud, Datto Drive extends many of these functions with custom themes and custom apps for Datto Drive use cases.


PHP 7 and FPM

The latest and most performant release of the popular PHP web development platform combined with the benefits of the FastCGI Process Manager. PHP is the application language for the Datto Drive platform, and FPM is the mechanism used by Apache to turn PHP into executable bits at runtime. This combination dramatically enhances performance, while enabling better memory management, adaptive process spawning and other goodies that make the Datto Drive more capable across the board.



The base file system used in Datto products, built on industry standard openZFS. It provides protection against data corruption, support for high storage capacities, efficient data compression and more. For Datto Drive, it is used as the basis for sending deltas to the secondary data center.



The most popular open source relational database available, MariaDB acts as the metadata store for all ownCloud information. This includes file paths, permissions, share files, access controls, comments, activity feeds, and more.



The most popular general purpose web server in the world, running more than half the world’s websites. Apache provides the basic web hosting capabilities for Datto Drive.