Datto’s Disaster Demo

Fire up your business continuity conversations

To help you strive for more revenue-generating discussions with your customers and prospects, Datto would like to share some helpful tools that prove the value of a having a total data protection platform.

The following resources are available for you to download, repurpose (with your own branding), and share with your clients.

Instructional Video

Watch as Rob Rae, VP of Business Development and Dan Vaz, Director of Sales Engineering walk you through how to position and execute the disaster demo presentation for your prospects and customers.

Datto Recovery Time Calculator Screenshot

RTO Calculator

Calculate your customers' downtime in dollars

This easy-to-use tool will calculate how much money your clients will be losing during downtime, per hour.

Calculate Downtime

Disaster Demo Kit

Create Your Own Disaster

Show your customers how quickly you can eliminate downtime with a true business continuity solution by simulating your own disaster. Check out the following videos and materials to learn more. To get started, and purchase the Disaster Demo Kit, contact partners@datto.com.

To get started, download the following resources:

* Datto filmed this video with a licensed professional shooter on a closed gun range. Don't try this at home!

Sample Video

Want to see it live? This sample presentation is a real end user customer event where we used the disaster demo to truly show the value of business continuity and speed of recovery using the Datto solution.

Business Continuity Resources

Define Business Continuity for your customers

The following resources will help you communicate the value of business continuity to your customers and how it differs from the traditional backup solutions to which they have grown accustomed. Download the following resources and add your own branding when sharing with your customers.

Datto Whitepaper Screenshot