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Email threat intelligence powered by 600 million inboxes

Vade Email Security for Office 365 combines advanced artificial intelligence capabilities with patented machine learning models to keep inboxes safe.


Advanced artificial intelligence capabilities join forces with patented machine learning models to keep inboxes safer.
Predictive email threat detection

protects your clients from advanced email threats, including phishing, spear-phishing, polymorphic malware, and even insider attacks.

Time-of-click anti-phishing

performs real-time content and context analysis of URLs, page, and redirects, with machine learning algorithms that regularly update.

Anti-spear-phishing with banner alerts

uses profile and natural language processing to identify patterns, anomalies, and common behaviors in malicious emails. Then, users get alerts of potential threats via customizable banners.

Behavioral-based anti-malware

runs comprehensive real-time analyses of the origin, content, and context of emails to identify unknown, polymorphic malware—all without processing delays typical of sandboxing technologies.

Auto and manual remediation

makes threat detection even stronger with post-delivery remediation. The engine uses a real-time view of global threats to continuously learn and automatically remove threats from inboxes. Admins can also manually remove messages with a click before they reach the business.










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