Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Data Protection

To virtualize and run a protected server with Hybrid Virtualization, ALTO initializes a virtual machine (VM) for that server in the secure Datto Cloud.

Then the ALTO automatically connects that VM in the Datto Cloud to the local network through the ALTO, using a secure VPN tunnel.

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Ensure Offsite Data Protection by Sending Backup Copies to Datto’s Own Secure 300PB+ Cloud

Fast initial data pre-seeding makes getting protected fast and easy>

  • Datto’s own SpeedSync technology ensures initial transfer of the data is quick and efficient.
  • For very large datastores, Datto’s RoundTrip physical data transport process makes sure you won’t wait long to make sure your data has been applied to the Datto Cloud.

Full-server Instant Failover to the Cloud

Datto protects systems from site-wide outages using instant off-site virtualization.

In the event of a local disaster such as a fire or flood, the entire network can be recreated in the secure Datto Cloud in a matter of minutes. Secure connections are provided to employees and a business can resume normal operations.

Fastest FTO (Failback Time Objective) in the Industry

Failback Time Objective takes RPO and RTO to the next level.

  • You may know RPO (recovery point objective, or how far back you can restore data / servers from), and RTO (recovery time objective, or how quickly you can fail over to a temporary recovery location), but what about getting your environment back to the way it was before the disaster?
  • Failback Time Objective is the measure of restoring data back to its original or replacement production environment, and Datto achieves this objective with the least amount of Downtime on the market.