Autotask PSA


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need flexibility to manage client demands and get work done while away from their desks. Autotask LiveMobile enables employees to access their necessary work while on-the-go. The next generation of LiveMobile will deliver a fully native experience for iOS. This current update features a new native login supporting two-factor authentication and single sign-on, along with native dashboards and grids. Autotask LiveMobile 3.0 will be available for download in the Apple App Store at the end of November 2018 with Android coming soon after. This is the first major release in the ongoing evolution of a fully native LiveMobile experience.

Configurable Time Entry

Last year, Datto announced the overhaul of the ticket user interface (UI) in Autotask PSA, an improvement that removes minutes from the time required to close tickets because of the ability to customize the templates for each ticket category. The new configurable time entry feature continues to build on the customization options within each ticket category. Since the majority of tickets involve collaboration between technicians or departments, the new customizable time entry fields (such as queue, due date, and user-defined fields) provide more flexibility for each ticket category and enables technicians to be more efficient when they add time and then need to update, modify, or forward tickets.

New Client Portal Homepage

The Client Portal homepage has been completely reimagined to improve the client experience. MSPs will now have the option of customizing a friendly URL that better represents their brand, making it easier for customers to navigate to the page. Then, when end-users log in to the portal, they will be presented with an entirely new dashboard interface, similar to Autotask PSA, where an instant understanding of what is happening within their account is clearly visible. This reinforces the value of the IT services the MSP provides. Look for more Client Portal updates coming in the next release of Autotask PSA.

Start/End Time for Time Off Requests

This new feature addresses the #1 feature request in Datto’s community. Autotask PSA users will now be able to specify a start and end time for Time Off Requests in Timesheets. The Start/End Time Off feature syncs directly from a user’s time off request to the dispatch calendar, enabling dispatchers to easily manage and delegate resources for jobs.

New Contract Visibility Options

By adding a new “Limited Visibility” view option for contracts, users can now specify more granular security levels for Autotask resources. This enables MSPs to share important contract details to staff including what services are covered and any unused balances that remain for the clients, while keeping key financial details secure. Hidden financial details include internal costs, charges, and profitability. In addition, Autotask PSA users with limited visibility will not be able to edit a contract. This new contract security level gives MSP business leaders the ability to keep details on service profitability private amongst internal employees, without hiding relevant details necessary to deliver the appropriate service level.

DattoCon 2018

Datto RMM (formerly Autotask Endpoint Management)

Automated, Policy-driven Software Patching

MSPs understand outdated versions of critical software applications such as runtimes and browsers continue to be exploited as attack vectors, but keeping these applications up to date can become a cumbersome responsibility. When MSPs rely on solutions that require manual updating, they expose themselves and their clients. Datto RMM will now support automated patching of the most common business applications, such as Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash, Chrome, and Firefox, helping MSPs keep their customer applications compliant without depending on other commercial tools to get the job done.


Direct To Cloud Expanded Beta

The newest addition to the business continuity family, Direct To Cloud (DTC) is now in open beta for all Datto partners. Direct To Cloud is Datto’s hardware-free, endpoint business continuity and disaster recovery solution - perfect for Windows 10 laptops and desktops. The latest beta release includes restoring capabilities.

SIRIS 3X Enterprise

The Datto SIRIS 3X Enterprise is now available. These brand new 2U rackmount, all-flash appliances come in 18, 36, and 48TB models and feature dual Intel Xeon processors. SIRIS 3X provides the full feature set of the SIRIS platform with the performance of flash for local virtualisation of protected servers. Business operations continue locally on the SIRIS 3X at top performance while primary servers are restored.

Cloud Agent Templates

As customers and device estates grow, manually configuring each agent takes up a significant amount of MSP time. With these templates, partners can now create standards for agent configuration based on an existing agent in their estate. With Cloud Agent Templates MSPs can develop a set of standard configurations to quickly deploy new agents without any need to configure each agent individually. The templates can be used for agents on the same device or any other device in the MSP’s estate. Using templates saves MSPs time by reducing the effort needed to create new agent configurations and improving consistency across the estate.

Datto SaaS Protection

New Product Pricing And Seat Management Capabilities

SaaS Protection’s pricing is moving to be a per-user, per-month price model. This means MSPs will only pay for seats protected and make customer billing simpler to maintain. Time Based Retention is now also available, with a discounted price available in Q4 for Partners agreeing to 1 year retention.

In addition, MSPs can also set a limit on Office 365 seats within the Auto-Add functionality. For example, partners can set a bill for a client for 100 seats and not worry about unexpected expenses when new employees that go over the threshold are added.

Global Availability for G Suite 2.0

SaaS Protection for G Suite 2.0 featuring Team Drives is now available with in-region storage for Canada, Australia, and the EMEA region. When onboarding new clients, Partners can choose to store SaaS Protection 2.0 data in any of our regional datacentres. G Suite 2.0 features revamped architecture for improved speed in backups, exports and restores. With 3X daily backups of key G Suite apps, the point-in-time backup functionality offers the ability to restore individual files or an entire service for clients back to the moment before a deletion or ransomware attack occurred.

Datto SaaS Protection


The D200 joins the Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) as the newest edge router in the Datto Networking product line. Complete with Layer 7 deep packet inspection (DPI), NATing rules, client/site-to-site VPN functionality, traffic shaping, enhanced web content filtering powered by Titan HQ, a lifetime warranty, and more, this cloud managed firewall expands the options for Datto Networking partners to serve their SME clients.

Out of the box, the D200 ships with always-on LTE, available in two service options. First is the fully integrated 4G LTE failover to maintain connectivity even when the primary Internet connection goes down. The second option, new and available only with the D200, is an LTE Management option, a service that utilizes LTE to give the MSP access to manage and configure the D200 even when the Internet is down at the client site. This new LTE option enables the MSP to access the D200 for ongoing service and troubleshooting. In addition, the MSP will be able to access the management and configuration of any Datto Networking devices that are hardwire connected to the D200.


If every electronic device used at a typical SME could be remotely managed, MSP’s jobs would be much simpler. Consider how many small businesses rely on a cable or DSL modem for their Internet. When these devices become non-responsive, often the best way to resolve a problem is with a simple reboot. If the device isn’t responding, and is located far away, the MSP faces a difficult challenge: how to remedy the situation in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The answer is Datto Managed Power and the new MP10. The MP10 is a one-port smart plug that is purpose-built for the MSP to enable remote power cycling. Fully WiFi enabled and managed in the cloud, the MP10 delivers smart power control, complete with historical power consumption graphs, auto reboot functionality, a lifetime warranty, and more.


Datto Continuity REST API

Datto strives to maintain an open ecosystem that fosters MSP success. The new Datto Continuity REST API delivers a seamless and efficient integration experience with all Datto Continuity products, giving partners and technology vendors an easy and convenient way to create integrations with Datto Continuity products.

As part of the release, the Swagger UI is now directly embedded into the Partner Portal. This open source API development and testing tool enables developers to use real devices to test integrations with Datto endpoints. To grow the open ecosystem, Datto will be introducing an integration program for developers designed to encourage integration best practices, access to developer resources, and scaling integrations with Datto products.

Autotask Endpoint Backup

Delegate Control of Client Accounts with Team Admins

When a user needs to restore lost data, they need it fast. With Team Admins, MSPs can delegate secure access to a client team for a system administrator or internal IT team, helping users access their data whenever they need it. Not only does this help MSPs’ clients get their data back faster so they can carry on working, but it also reduces support requests to the MSP, generating additional time savings.

Access Links for Seamless Recovery Anytime, Anywhere

SMEs increasingly expect access to their business data from any device, especially in disaster scenarios. With Access Links, Team Admins can send their users a link to their backups enabling quick and easy access to their files no matter where they are.

Autotask Workplace

Smart Badge for Windows

Smart Badge for Windows adds a status icon to Microsoft Office documents opened on a desktop device, enhancing user visibility of document sync and lock status. This feature also allows a document to be refreshed to the latest version if another user makes changes.

Enhanced Microsoft Outlook plugin

The enhanced Microsoft Outlook plugin improves the user experience when sending links—as opposed to file attachments—in emails, including improved responsiveness and navigation. These enhancements enable users to easily and securely collaborate with others, with granular options to ensure files are sent securely with appropriate access controls.

Faster File Recovery with Recursive Undelete

Recursive Undelete provides new capabilities to identify and recover large volumes of deleted files in AWP, improving recovery of data from common issues such as accidental deletion. MSPs and their clients can select a folder location and recover deleted files from a selected point in time, restoring to the original folder and granting access to users.