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PSA Integration

Automate101 develops and markets Atria, a Software Solution which helps MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to provide a unified Active Directory, Workspace and Microsoft365 Management portal. Atria enables MSPs to automate and standardize service delivery, reducing helpdesk tickets and escalations while improving operational efficiency.

With the integration enabled, Atria automates updates to Autotask customer Contracts. This means that as customers and support staff add, change or remove users/services – contracts are updated to reflect current counts. This saves time and improves billing accuracy.

Atria’s integration is simple yet effective. Based on the services in Atria which are collated by our billing system, after we identify the Relevant Reoccurring Services contract for each customer;

  • If a service was added, we increment the Service Item contract line to reflect the current count
  • If a service was removed, we decrease the Service Item contract line to reflect the current count

This means that you have an accurate reflection of the current service item count allocated to customers and users within Atria.

Available worldwide. English only at this stage but can be translated within the platform manually.

Contacts: +1 (312) 500 7980 option 2 +1 (312) 500 7980 option 1


Creating an Autotask API User for Atria: