December 09, 2021

MSP Insights: From Technician to Entrepreneur

By Jeff Reinholtz

I’m back again with another episode of MSP insights and this time I am joined by Brian Weiss from Itech Solutions. We discuss how Brian leverages our Datto tools and technologies as well as his background and the experiences that have helped him build the company up to what it has become today.

Having grown up around technology, Brian brings with him a unique perspective and entrepreneurial mindset. We dig into Brian’s story starting from his high school days in the computer services track fixing, repairing, and setting up computers across the school district to the difficult lessons he had to learn first-hand when it comes to running a technical business without a business background.

Being in a constantly-evolving industry, it’s crucial to have a flexible mindset and prepare as best as possible to quickly respond to unforeseen problems—from ransomware attacks to stock market crashes, and more. Brian shares his advice for facing these challenges head-on and how his entrepreneurial spirit and security-first mindset have helped Itech Solutions overcome these hurdles.

Check out my talk with Brian below:


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