June 16, 2020

Improving Efficiency and User Experience in Autotask PSA

By Adrian Luh

Datto’s Autotask PSA is designed to improve the operational efficiency of managed service providers (MSPs) – to equip them to deliver excellent IT managed services to their clients. Every update is developed based on Datto partner feedback to further improve service delivery, reduce administrative costs, and increase profitability for MSPs. We continuously invest in the product to improve the efficiency, intelligence, and user experience of the robust, open-architecture cloud platform. The latest release to Autotask PSA release is no exception; it brings a multitude of usability, efficiency and intelligence enhancements. Some key new features include:

Ticket Tagging

Ticket Tagging enables users to easily classify tickets based on content by adding “tags” that describe the content of the ticket. Technicians can search and locate tickets by tag and gain insight into how similar problems have been previously resolved—increasing efficiency in the field. Datto’s goal is to build on this capability over the next few releases.


Rich Text Editing

A new rich text editor is available to improve context and enhance understanding of problems by providing a convenient way to stylize text (BOLD, italicize and underline), embed images, and preserve content received from end users. 



A new REST API, and the ability to convert SOAP APIs to REST APIs, has been developed. This makes it easier for developers to build integrations into Autotask PSA and increases the speed at which third-party integrated solutions are available to MSPs.

QuickBooks Integration

With this release, an integration with QuickBooks has been developed that facilitates transfer for Expenses, Payroll (Timesheets), Purchase Order and Inventory Sync directly from PSA.

Automated Billing Product Associations

This new capability provides a way to increase efficiency by automating billing associated with third party assets. 

Key Usability Highlights of Autotask PSA 2020.2


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