October 30, 2023

Automate Billing Process With Datto Backup’s New Autotask PSA Integration

By Sam Roguine

Today, managed service providers (MSPs) carefully incorporate multiple solutions under one umbrella to make their overall service more robust and seamless. However, constantly toggling between different products, interfaces, contracts, bills and licenses can be hectic and leads to vendor fatigue.

What’s even more challenging is the complexity of paying for the solutions in different billing models. Any manual process carried out by MSPs costs extra and puts pressure on margins. This includes customer billing for backup services. The costs can be significant and could require additional full-time equivalents (FTEs) for billing alone.

Such a manual or loosely integrated backup billing process can be time consuming and complicate technicians’ tasks. As a result, MSPs struggle to focus on helping their clients and instead spend hours on manual billing/invoicing. With backup and recovery being an integral part of business operations, MSPs cannot afford any shortcomings in the overall process, especially billing.

The need for simplified billing of backup services

Since data sprawl is a significant feature of the current digital landscape, a manual billing process involves custom billing for all types of workloads and data — on-premises appliances, files, user workloads, remote, distributed and cloud servers and SaaS applications. This complexity can introduce errors by not charging customers enough or overcharging them, hurting margins for MSPs like you and making the overall experience bitter for your clients.

Your clients’ backup services need a powerful collaborative feature that will reduce operational costs while automating and simplifying the billing process. This is where Datto’s integration with Autotask PSA — a solution purpose-built for MSPs — comes in clutch.

Introducing the new Integrated Customer Billing feature

Datto’s backup products are technically and commercially integrated into other Kaseya products under the IT Complete umbrella, centralizing business operations to improve efficiency and profitability. As a result, there’s one place to access them all — KaseyaOne. Powered by this KaseyaOne platform, the new feature reduces billing costs, potentially even cutting FTEs.

We can witness a deep operational integration between Datto Backup solutions and Autotask PSA occurring seamlessly, which ultimately helps you expand your margins by automating the custom billing process. It also allows technicians to save up to 50% of their time while gathering usage reports and reduces the complexity of billing backup services.

Drive success with this new integrated feature

Thanks to Datto Backup’s integration with the customer billing feature of Autotask PSA, you can eliminate hours of manual reconciliation and optimize your revenue. Now, you can accurately bill your customers for the service you provide.

Curious to see how this can improve your services and increase customer satisfaction, leading to business growth? Get a demo now.

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