More Than Just a Product

Datto designed SIRIS for MSPs. All aspects of the product and its service delivery are geared to MSPs. MSP success is about more than the right product. Datto goes beyond just a product to provide education, training and marketing resources dedicated to MSPs.

Datto provides sales and marketing resources ranging from co-branded events to automated marketing campaigns that suit the marketing needs of MSPs. Directly from our MarketNow platform, MSPs can launch email and social media campaigns, co-brand collateral, syndicate web content, and manage leads and contacts. With MDF funds available and educational content like our MSPeasy series, Datto designs resources to help the MSP sell.

More than just a product

Single Pane of Glass Management

Datto’s Partner Portal provides a single pane of glass where MSPs can manage all Datto products, buy new products, access marketing automation and gain training. Technical support is also hosted in the Partner Portal, with the ability to create and manage tickets for direct-to-tech support. Integration with other PSA, RMM and business tools enhances workflows for management and customer support.

Easy Data Seeding

Even a good backup can fall victim to disaster. When systems are completely wiped out, transferring data from an outside connection to the end user’s production machine could take days, weeks, or months depending on the amount of data and the connection speed. To eliminate this issue, Datto offers offsite device seeding, also known as RoundTrip and Reverse RoundTrip. Datto will send MSPs a large dataset from our cloud on an external harddrive to enable MSPs to restore faster, eat up less bandwidth, and get customers back in business faster.

Datto Works For You 24/7/365

A complete business continuity provider, Datto covers all that is needed to prepare for and react during disasters and supports all aspects of service delivery. Although SIRIS has easy installation, backup and restore processes, MSPs can directly access tech support by phone at any time of day or night when they need them.

Every day, our techs help with 40-50 disaster recoveries at no charge to partners, illustrating our commitment to support.