Continuous Data Protection

Datto’s business continuity products empower MSPs by guaranteeing backup reliability and consistent restoration outcomes. When disaster strikes and systems go down, MSPs need to know that their backups are in good standing so they can be the hero for their customer. When local competitors lack the ability to bounce back quickly from disasters, MSPs give their customers an edge over the competition when it matters most.

Datto empowers MSPs with 100% confidence in their backups by validating and protecting client data. When it comes time to perform a restore with SIRIS, MSPs do not have to simply hope that it will boot. Datto builds better backups. With image-based backups, our proprietary Inverse Chain Technology and Advanced Backup Verification, MSPs never have to worry about their backups.

Continuous Data Protection
Advanced Backup Verification

Advanced Backup Verification

Datto pioneered Screenshot Verification to provide MSPs with the ability to automatically verify backups are able to boot when the backup is taken. However, verifying the backup only gets you so far.

Advanced Backup Verification takes Datto’s patented Screenshot Verification to the next level for 100% backup confidence. Not only does the system use Screenshot Verification to ensure the backup will boot, it also uses Local Verification (file system, volume, VSS, and ransomware checks), application and service verification, and support for custom verification scripts to verify all aspects of the system are properly backed up.

Inverse Chain Technology

With traditional backup technology, entire backups are corrupted if a single part of the chain has a problem. In addition, backups have to be processed sequentially when restoring. This wastes time during a disaster when it counts most.

Datto’s Inverse Chain solves this problem by leveraging ZFS and Datto proprietary technology for fully constructed images that are individually ready to boot. Inverse Chain also eliminates the risk of the entire backup chain being compromised if a single portion is corrupted, making backups more resilient to Ransomware in the process.

Raising the Bar for Reliability

For managed service providers, it’s crucial to have the options you need in a disaster scenario to recover from any snapshot - instantly - at your fingertips.

Datto uses image-based backups to capture a complete picture of a protected workstation or server. These fully constructed images boot quickly on recovery, and can be migrated from physical to virtual machines or vice versa, all with a click of the button. Any snapshot is instantly restorable. The simplicity and strength of the Datto SIRIS solution gives you peace of mind, because when you get a call at 3 AM for a disaster, you know it’s handled.