Business Continuity and Data Recovery

Protect Data and Keep Business Running

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Protect Business Data No Matter Where It Lives

Datto Unified Continuity gives MSPs the comprehensive tools necessary to protect critical business data living on servers, personal devices and in the cloud.

Ransomware Protection

MSPs can quickly recover from a ransomware attack by rolling back their clients’ files to a point before the infection hit, without paying ransom.

Peace of Mind

Meet and exceed clients’ expectations by offering a simple, yet effective BCDR solution that nearly eliminates business downtime and prevents data loss.

Fast Recovery

Cut out the stress and cost of business downtime by quickly and easily failing over operations locally or in the Datto Cloud.

Efficient Data Protection

MSPs increase efficiency to grow their business while delivering top-notch support to clients.

A True Partner

Datto’s Support Team is available 24/7/365 to help MSPs with deployment, management, or during disasters.


Datto Continuity
Cloud Continuity For PCs
Datto SaaS Protection

Datto Continuity offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity protection for local, virtual, and cloud environments, within a single platform.

All-in-One Business Continuity
MSPs can reduce the risk and labor associated with building a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for their clients by leveraging a turnkey BCDR solution for backup, restore, and virtualization locally, or in the Datto Cloud.

Reliable Data Protection
They have100% confidence in their backups by automatically verifying they will boot with all their client’s data intact and free from ransomware.

Eliminate Costly Downtime
Immediately get their client’s back up and running locally, or from the Datto Cloud, to provide their clients an edge over the local competition that can’t bounce back as quickly.

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Datto Cloud Continuity For PCs protects client endpoints against ransomware, loss or theft, and accidental data deletion with continuous backup and streamlined recovery tools.

Reliable PC Backup and Restore
MSPs can take the guesswork out of their BCDR plan with accurate and reliable endpoint recovery.

  • Quickly restore data on lost or stolen PCs to a new device
  • Granularly recover individual files and folders
  • Simply rollback from ransomware attacks with point-in-time restore
  • Easily pause or delete agents and view recent screenshots

Simple Deployment and Management
MSPs can deploy and manage their client services directly from the Datto Partner Portal.

One Price, One Terabyte, Zero Complications
MSPs need never worry about storage management or additional fees. For one set price, Cloud Continuity supports endpoint devices up to 1 TB in size. There are no surprise recovery charges, and backups are available with time-based retention (TBR) in the Datto Cloud.

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Datto SaaS Protection decouples data protection from SaaS user accounts, giving MSPs complete control over their clients’ data protection. It provides automated point-in-time SaaS backups, capturing relevant changes across the entire Microsoft O365 and GSuite. Plus it provides an independent copy of data outside of SaaS provider servers.

Lower Costs for Clients
Datto SaaS Protection eliminates unnecessary SaaS provider license fees for departed employees by storing SaaS data in Datto’s private cloud.

Prevent Data Loss
MSPs can roll back user O365 or G Suite data to a point in-time before an infection to ensure business resiliency for their clients. And, they can restore critical emails or files lost due to user error, malicious activity, or SaaS application outages.

Simplify User Management
MSPs can easily restore departed employees’ data to a new account, download files directly, or simply archive a user’s dataset until their replacement is hired. Data can be restored in its original state, right back into the application which means less time for MSPs to spent managing backups, and cost-savings for their clients.

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  • SIRISFully-featured BCDR for complex use cases

  • ALTOPhysical BCDR for small businesses

  • NASSmart and scalable Network attached storage

SIRIS offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity for local, virtual, and cloud environments, within a single platform

Inverse Chain Technology

Replaces traditional backups with the elegance of asynchronous mirroring.

Backup Insights

See what has been modified, created, or deleted between any two backups.

Advanced ZFS-based storage

Datto makes extensive use of ZFS for maximum data integrity protection.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The most reliable and efficient way for users to back up their data securely.

Deployed as a physical, software or virtual appliance, SIRIS 3 provides the business continuity features, tools, and management capabilities to get up and running fast.

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BCDR designed specifically for small businesses that need enterprise-grade functionality

Deployed as a low-profile physical appliance, ALTO provides the business continuity features, tools, and management capabilities to get up and running fast:

Cost-effective Total Data Protection

Features that enable granular data recovery from multiple points in time with virtualization

Backup and Restore

Protects both physical and virtual infrastructure in a unified console

Easy to install and quick to restore

A plug and play appliance that is literally up and running in minutes

Ransomware Protection

Hybrid on-prem and cloud data protection with a secure VPN tunnel

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A smart, scalable network attached storage platform, centrally managed and protected by the secure Datto Cloud

Easily implement and use as a common location for sharing files or backup target. Simply plug it into the network, quickly configure, and all of the data is readily available locally, backed up to the Cloud, and quickly recoverable in a disaster scenario. Features include:

Network Addressable Storage

Enable secure file sync and share for large datastores and collaborate across multiple protocols.

Local Fault Tolerance

Store everything in one place and get automated cloud redundancy

Cloud backup storage and recovery

Recover entire machines or specific files quickly and easily to safeguard from ransomware or errant users

Flexible options to suit clients with storage needs varying from 6 - 100 TB, NAS products use architecture that translates into cost efficiency, performance, scalability and extensibility.

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A private file sync and share platform, with local or cloud deployments protected by the secure Datto Cloud

Ideal for sharing large files, collaborating with partners or just accessing files from any device, Datto Drive is available in the cloud or as a local deployment to handle more sensitive data and provide the same user experience and accessibility to its features

Ongoing backup and protection

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Cross platform support

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Enhanced MSP tools

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Embedded virus scanner

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Three components of Datto Drive (Endpoints, Server and Storage) work together to deliver the complete solution to the end-user, and to ensure files are synchronized and shared properly at all times.

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Datto Global Partner Program

Our partners are the driving force behind everything we do. From the very beginning, our foundation has been built on strong relationships, trust, and always doing the right thing for our partners. Partnering with Datto means that we’ll always have your back, and we are fully committed to helping you grow your business.

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“Datto’s innovative partner program approach, backed by industry best practices and partner feedback, enables new and existing partners to streamline their marketing and sales approach to help them win new business and set them apart from the competition.”

Matthew Hahn

Matthew Hahn

CTO, SAX Technology Advisors

“Datto’s partner program is very flexible and easy to understand. We don’t have to fit into a certain mold or market in a certain way. We’re enabled to meet the needs of our organization. It’s easy to do business with Datto and easy to build relationships with Datto’s people. They want your business to be successful.”

Karen O'Connor

Karen O'Connor

General Manager, Datapac

“Typically, U.S. vendor support to Australia can be difficult, but Datto’s 24x7x365 support team has been nothing short of fantastic. Having the RoundTrip devices sent out upon request and including the self-addressed post bag to send back when complete makes the onboarding process simpler.”

Nathan Franks

Nathan Franks

Managing Director, Dynamic Business Technologies