March 6, 2018


Datto Partners,

Datto will be conducting system maintenance on the US and Canada Datto Cloud between 8AM and 8PM (ET) on Saturday, March 10. As described below, active Datto Cloud virtualizations and a subset of cloud file restores will experience a period of temporary unavailability during this maintenance.

Why is Datto conducting this system maintenance?

Datto is performing Datto Cloud system maintenance as part of its continued response to the Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) and Spectre (CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5715) vulnerabilities.

How will the system maintenance affect Datto Cloud BCDR services?

Systems running active Datto Cloud virtualizations in the US and Canada will become temporarily unavailable during the maintenance window as underlying storage systems receive necessary updates. File restores on those same systems will also become temporarily unavailable.

Datto does not expect these systems to become unavailable for more than a few hours as part of this system maintenance.

Datto will be taking steps to return running cloud virtualizations to their prior operating state, where possible. Datto cloud virtualization and cloud file restores associated with encrypted agents will not resume automatically.

Datto has taken every possible step to avoid interruptions where it is technically possible to do so. All cloud systems that could be protected without disruption are now fully protected. Securing the rest of the BCDR storage systems requires this short interruption of active virtualizations.

What should partners do to prepare?

We recommend that you notify potentially impacted end clients of the maintenance window (i.e. any customers with active cloud virtualizations in the US or Canada).

For Datto Cloud virtualizations and file restores associated with encrypted agents, please plan to enter the encryption passphrase to resume their operation upon maintenance completion, which is no later than 8PM on Saturday March 10th.

We also recommend you consider taking the following actions:

  • Destroy any outdated or unnecessary cloud virtualizations prior to maintenance.

  • Verify the state of running end client cloud virtualizations before and after maintenance.

  • In situations where you require more control over the process of bringing systems up and down, then you may opt to safely shutdown running virtualization systems prior to maintenance and resume them after maintenance.

Will the features and functions of the local appliance be affected?

Datto devices are not directly impacted by this maintenance and your client's backups will continue as scheduled. Some device functions that interact with the cloud may be temporarily delayed.

Devices will continue to send files offsite to the Datto Cloud and such offsite backup transfers will only be impacted during the active maintenance period for the associated storage system. Offsite transfers will resume after maintenance completes without intervention.

If a device is running a hybrid virtualization, these virtualizations will be impacted as they utilize the Datto Cloud.

Otherwise, devices will continue to backup data and perform normal operations during the maintenance window.

What happens if I have a client site go down during the maintenance window?

If you have a device that will allow you to virtualize locally, then you are still able perform a local virtualization. If you need to perform a cloud virtualization, you can contact support to help determine whether the maintenance on the storage system associated with the device is complete, or allow us to aid you in finding an alternate option for recovery.

What about updates to systems in datacenters outside of North America?

Datto continues to transparently upgrade storage systems as they become idle in all datacenters. Should we determine that a maintenance window is required to completely address the issue in other locations, as we have for US and Canada, then we will separately schedule and communicate a region specific maintenance window.

When will local appliances receive similar updates?

Devices will receive security updates as part of the normal software release process in the coming weeks.

What if I have another question?

Other questions can be addressed to

Thank you,

Datto Engineering