Software Engineering

The Software Engineering department strives to innovate, architect, and implement solutions for the most interesting problems in the business continuity and backup space. Datto SE continues to break into new areas of technology and expertise in order to keep Datto in the front-lines of the MSP market, while also providing solutions to problems that no other company has ever solved.

“My managers provide the tools I need and give me lots of flexibility to approach projects/issues however I think most pertinent. It's very empowering and makes tackling complicated technical issues less cumbersome.”

Elvis Montero

Senior Software Engineer

Rochester, NY

Software Engineering

QA Automation Engineer

Portland / Rochester

Senior Java Developer

Amersham / UK

Senior Scala Developer

Boston / Norwalk / Rochester

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Boston / Norwalk / Rochester

Senior Software Engineer - Core

Albany / Boston / Norwalk / Portland / Rochester

Software Developer


UI/UX Developer

Amersham / UK

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