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Break from the status quo and join the thousands of Managed Service Providers using Datto's Remote Monitoring Management to solve the complex problems their customers face each day.

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A Fully-featured RMM tool

Datto RMM is a fully-featured, secure, cloud-based platform which enables MSPs to remotely monitor, manage and support every endpoint under contract, reducing cost and increasing service delivery efficiency. Datto RMM provides the unique combination of a powerful feature-set, scalability, usability and affordability not found in any other RMM.

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  • Fully-featured
  • Born in the cloud
  • Quickly Visualize Data
  • Efficiency Through Genuine Automation
  • Integrate With MSP-Centric Tools
  • Get Up and Running Fast

With Datto RMM MSPs can...

  • A single platform to remotely monitor, manage and support your entire customer base

    • Multi-tenant view supporting all your clients’ endpoint types
    • Automated monitoring, alerts, workflows and patch management
    • Endpoint remote takeover and control
    • Insightful reporting

Innovations within Datto RMM

A Robust Platform Architecture Built to Withstand Time

Legacy software architectures were never built with today’s MSP in mind. MSPs need RMM platforms with the capability to handle jobs of any scope and size. Datto RMM’s underlying cloud-based architecture is what makes the platform so special. While most users will never actually see the elegance of the platform at this level, the magic comes from the unique underpinnings of this sophisticated platform, delivered as a service with 99.99% uptime, and without the burdens of self-hosting.

A Rapid Pace of Innovation

New problems are always emerging, and software is only as good as the problems it solves. Datto RMM has a crystal clear, long-term vision for the future of RMM. The passionate engineers behind the platform are fueled by this vision. They deliver frequent, meaningful updates according to a progressive roadmap. Datto RMM Partners have now come to expect monthly updates introducing new innovations and refactored capabilities to improve the quality of life, not the other way around.

A Unique Customer Experience

There is no one-size-fit all Customer Experience offering for MSPs after the initial sale. What is preferred are vendors who recognize the diversity of business operations and offer a variety of consulting and support services to accommodate a wide range of scenarios. MSPs are also inquiring with their peer communities to identify software vendors who provide the best support by responding and resolving requests in the quickest time.

An Intuitive Way to Work

When software is frustrating to use or limited to only “experts” in the business, employees become dissatisfied with the time it takes to complete tasks. Datto RMM is intuitive and described by users as “Enjoyable to use” and “Easy to get work done” because it is built to do complex things, beautifully and simply. Special care is put into the user experience and is one reason so many MSPs are choosing Datto RMM for their business. In addition, the platform’s open architecture and Open REST API enable tight integration with other MSP-centric solutions to improve your operational efficiency. Secure and seamless integration with Datto’s Autotask PSA, Datto Continuity (BCDR) and Datto Networking products drive efficiencies for Datto partners using multiple Datto products by bringing the day-to-day review and management functions of products within Datto RMM.

An Enhanced Security Position

MSPs have a lot at stake and are moving away from less secure options, preferring solutions that proactively help to secure the business and end-clients. Datto RMM looks at security through a critical lens and proactively implement defensive postures, even when the decision is a hard one to make. Datto is constantly discussing and implementing measures to keep our partners safe from the ever-present, and the persistent threat of cybercriminals.
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Integrations with industry-leading tools enable MSPs to maximize their business efficiency.

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Autotask PSA
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