The Datto
Brand Guide

Datto Branding

Datto’s commitment to our partners

At Datto, we believe there's no limit to what businesses can achieve with the right technology. We deliver the tools that enable you, our partners, to do more for customers you serve.

Working Together

We do that by:

Building open, partner-centric solutions
We create the building blocks that empower you to be the best for your customers.

Committing to your success
Our entire company exists to support your business and unlock your potential.

Blazing a path toward the future
We move the industry forward by seeking what’s next and reinventing it for you.

Voice and Tone

The Approachable visionary

At Datto, we create the roadmap for MSPs. We constantly innovate and experiment to empower our partners and drive the industry forward. We’re open and down-to-earth by nature, never asking for praise and always advocating for MSPs. In all matters, we take the high road, setting the example for leading with integrity.


Voice is the perspective you speak from. At Datto, we fluidly shift perspectives depending on the intent of a message.

1st-Person Plural “We”

We use this voice when talking about Datto to convey that we’re a passionate group of real people.

2nd-Person “You”

In customer-focused communications, we use this perspective to establish a direct, immediate connection.

3rd-Person “He/She/They”

When talking about individuals or entities outside of Datto, we refer to them in the 3rd-person using their preferred pronoun.



But not Euphemistic


But not Condescending


But not Forboding


But not Self-Deprecating


But not Non Sequitur


But not Insecure

Visual Identity

Datto Logo

Datto Logo Colors


Our logo is the visual symbol of everything we stand for as a brand. For this reason, it should appear consistently across all communications. Our logo should appear in Datto Blue over light backgrounds, and white over dark backgrounds.

Never use the logo within body copy or text headlines. You can instead type "Datto" as typed here, with a capital “D”.

Datto Logo Spacing

Sizing and Spacing

Whenever possible, isolate the logo from other copy or graphic elements by creating an empty zone around it equal to the distance indicated by the x-height in the diagram.

Incorrect Logo Treatment

Improper Use

Treat our logo with respect. Don’t squish, stretch or crowd it. Stick to approved colors (see above). If you are not sure about proper usage, ask a designer.

In the Family:

Color Palette

Datto’s color palette is centered around Datto Blue and complimented by a broad secondary palette to represent Datto’s vast product offerings.

A core gradient and palette should be used for most corporate marketing, while specified gradients help differentiate product pillars (see below).


Datto Blue

rgb 25 158 217
cmyk 74 22 0 0

Datto Gradients



The corporate gradient is centered around Datto blue. Blue conveys security and trust and evokes feelings of tranquility and calm.

Pillar gradients should be used only when speaking to a specific product offering to an audience familiar with the Datto brand.



Unified Continuity


Business Management

File Backup and Sync


Datto DIN

Datto DIN is our corporate typeface. It has unique characters that show our personality and creativity. Regular should be used for body text, Bold for headlines and Expanded on the web for increased legibility.

Datto Fonts



Datto’s illustrations are in a flat style, with shade, shadow or glare to hint at perspective. We illustrate the subject with the least amount of information possible, eliminating any extraneous elements while retaining enough visual intrerest. Minimal, bold and geometric should be used to describe our illustrations.


Datto Illustrations
Datto Illustrations


Datto’s illustrations are depicted in a containing shape resembling a brushstroke. The composition may include a human element, but at the very least should always illustrate the subject of the content.

While individual illustrations can be used by team members outside of design, compositions should be created only within the creative team.