Why You Shouldn't Pay Up For Ransomware

Why You Shouldn't Pay Up For Ransomware

By Chris Brunau

Typically when ransomware makes the news, it’s for an organization or company paying up a hefty fee in bitcoin to regain access to their data.

An alarming amount of companies scramble to get bitcoins and pay up, and as a result, ransomware has already netted 200 million for hackers at the midpoint of 2016.

However, as CSO points out, paying ransom should be avoided at all costs (no pun intended). When you pay a ransom, you’re trusting the hackers will indeed follow through on their own ransom terms and release your data. However, as we have seen in the past, that isn’t guaranteed.

Look at it this way. Are you comfortable spending the equivalent of £380 or even £12,000 in bitcoin to retrieve your data, without any guarantee or protection? Or would rather pay for a BCDR solution, and know without any shadow of a doubt that your data is safe and accessible in no matter what happens?

With a proper BCDR solution, you can restore to a point in time before your data was encrypted and avoid having to pay the ransom. For even more ransomware tips, download our eBook: The Business Guide To Ransomware. The eBook features everything you need to know about ransomware, including the common types, how to defend against ransomware, and how it is spread. Download it today!

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