Why you should make the leap to a file sync and share solution

Why you should make the leap to a file sync and share solution

By Chris Brunau

In honor of the rarest day on the calendar – Leap Day – it’s a great time to explore leaping into new territory, including file sync and share(FSS) solutions. With a reported one third of all businesses expected to replace or implement a new FSS solution this year, offering a secure FSS solution to your end-clients could help you get a leap ahead.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth adding FSS:

Supports the rise in endpoints and BYOD: With an estimated 1.3 billion BYOD employees in the workforce, a number that is only expected to grow, it is important that ITSPs have security measures in place for accessing information from multiple devices at any time, any place. Additionally, 55% of ITSPs reported a steady or significant increase in the number of endpoints they manage according to our 2016 Metrics That Matter Survey, this highlights how much the industry is being impacted by the growth in information access points.

This rise in endpoints – and the fact that 8 out of 10 ITSPs manage client endpoints via the cloud – means there is increased risk for a security breach. With their configurable security capabilities, FSS solutions allow for companies to ensure that their information remains safe and protected from an outside attack.

Allows for easy remote file access and collaboration: One of the greatest benefits of a remote workforce is the opportunity for employees to work together on the same team from any location. However, to be successful, reliable, secure remote file access that is designed for business is a must. FSS solutions synch files between a variety of devices and offer continuous background file backup. Additionally, they provide universal access for data management and business continuity, which is crucial to maintaining an efficient and collaborative remote workforce.

Ultimately, jumping on the FSS bandwagon sooner rather than later will benefit your end-clients’ mobile and remote workforce, all while keeping information secure. Check out our FSS offering, Datto Workplace, which is easy to use, secure and supports hybrid networks.

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