Why The Hybrid Cloud Makes Sense For The SMB

Why The Hybrid Cloud Makes Sense For The SMB

By Chris Brunau

Today’s SMBs have a lot on their plate - including a whole host of technology decisions. One technology decision that can make their lives easier is the decision to use a hybrid cloud for data protection and backup. Below we outline three reasons an SMB should consider a hybrid cloud as part of their total data protection solution: 

  • Flexible upfront options- It doesn’t demand capital investment. As with other cloud based solutions, hybrid cloud data backup allows SMBs to avoid large upfront capital investment. This means businesses can keep running and avoid a huge bill for data protection.
  • It isn’t difficult or disruptive- Running an SMB takes enough work as it is, without having to take on new responsibilities and work for employees. A hybrid cloud solution can neutralize this common SMB issue, especially when implemented efficiently.
  • Everybody’s doing it- It’s something “everybody is doing.” While not all SMB decision-makers are conformists when it comes to technology, the hybrid cloud model is a popular decision among this segment because there is very little risk associated with it. Thanks to services such as Apple’s iCloud, cloud-based backup has become part of everyday life. SMB decision-makers certainly are not going out on a limb by adopting hybrid cloud to protect their data - with the mix of on-prem and cloud - it’s an architecture that works well to safeguard an SMB’s data. he greater risk for SMBs is not to implement a solution that fully protects them against business interruption and data loss.

For more information on why every MSP and SMB should embrace hybrid cloud technology, check out the complete 7 Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Technology below.

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