Why The Channel is Stronger Than Ever Before

Why The Channel is Stronger Than Ever Before

By Eric Torres

Today’s world is changing by the day. Just a few short weeks ago, Rob Rae and I were planning a trip throughout Europe to spread the word about Datto. What a trip it would have been! Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London. All to meet with various MSPs, both Datto Partners and some soon to be. At a moments notice, the world stopped spinning, but the channel continued to run.

IT Professionals have been somewhat prepared for the sudden shift in the workforce. Years ago, the hot buzzword-laden pitches and presentations were all about connecting remotely to the network. So in a sense, MSPs have been steadily positioning their customers to do exactly that. Everybody is working from their home office, the kitchen table, a couch, or that far corner of the basement, just a slight earshot away from the kids doing their lessons upstairs. All of this is because their providers have taken care of them and prepared them to weather the storm.

If you look in the right places, you’ll find the world is not all doom and gloom, especially the IT world.

I still talk to MSPs on a daily basis, except this time it’s not while donned in a blazer, standing in wingtips with fancy shoelaces. It’s while we’re all clad in t-shirts or hoodies. You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody wearing some nice jeans right about now.

The overwhelming messaging I’m hearing is that the MSP world is thriving, and your customers are in excellent hands. I recently spoke with my good friend, Kevin Damghani, of IT Partners+ in Grand Rapids. He was ecstatic about his recent sales. He’s not only closed a handful of new managed services sales but told me about a massive SaaS Protection opportunity he’s working on. All while the world is on lockdown. He has pivoted his sales efforts by utilizing today’s news and explaining how he can help.

Kevin is not the only one.

Three other Datto Partners and close friends, Tim Taylor of Taylorworks in Orlando, Jim Turner of Hilltop Consultants out of the DC area, and Michael Chaput of Endsight in California’s wine country, all have similar stories. Assisting their customers with the security and remote needs they now seek. All in addition to using this time to close on major network upgrade work, making sure that when the dust settles and the workforce returns to the office, efficiency and speed are the new normal.

The Channel is in a very healthy position right now. But even more importantly, you are the ones that are keeping millions of people connected, providing them the ability to take care of their customers, and complete their tasks.

Join us all - Kevin, Tim, Jim, Michael, and me for an upcoming panel discussion on what they are seeing happening around them, and how they’re using this time to make sure their customers are all well taken care of. This panel discussion will take place on April 9th at 1:30 EST. Learn more and register today

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