Why Reliable WiFi Is Essential for the Food and Beverage Industry

Why Reliable WiFi Is Essential for the Food and Beverage Industry

By Katie Thornton

Free WiFi is becoming pervasive as consumers demand to be able to use their mobile devices everywhere, without using up their own data allowance. While hotels were the first to offer guests free WiFi in rooms and public areas, it wasn’t long before eateries like Starbucks and Panera were offering this connection to their patrons.Today’s consumers simply expect WiFi access, and it doesn’t matter whether they are patronizing a big name food chain or the small coffee shop down the street.

“The availability of complimentary WiFi access is becoming an increasingly significant factor in consumers’ choice of restaurants,” said Jackie Rodriguez, Senior Manager at Technomic, a food industry research and consulting firm. According to a survey conducted by her firm, roughly 40 percent of respondents stated that free WiFi was an “important” or “very important” consideration in selecting which restaurant they patronized. Additionally, 65 percent said they “absolutely expect” quick-service restaurants (QSR) to provide complimentary WiFi.

How WiFi Benefits Food and Beverage Retail

Free and reliable WiFi makes ordinary customers happy, and that leads to increased sales and repeat business. Free WiFi can also attract patrons who might otherwise dine elsewhere. This is particularly true for the 18-34-year-old crowd, who typically eat out more than other age groups.

But perhaps the biggest reason to offer free WiFi is to get a leg up on the competition. Changing market dynamics have created fierce competition among QSR, fast casual and casual dining restaurants.

Bottom line: Providing patrons free WiFi is an effective strategy to differentiate your business and drive sales.

Not Any Old WiFi Will Do

It’s important to mention that shoddy WiFi is worse than no WiFi at all. Poor WiFi will hurt your brand’s identity and ability to support customer engagement initiatives. Datto Networking, a WiFi and networking product line delivered exclusively through more than 6,000 Managed Service Providers,  delivers robust, high performance WiFi at scale, backed by the reliable managed services of Datto’s channel partners. The result? Reliable WiFi that keep businesses connected no matter what.

Offering patrons free and reliable WiFi is a strategic opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to dramatically improve your business results. Interested in installing WiFi in your restaurant or café? Check out Datto Networking and reach out to your MSP to learn more.

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