Why Reliable WiFi is Critical for Retail

Why Reliable WiFi is Critical for Retail

By Katie Thornton

Imagine it’s the weekend and you’re shopping with your family. You go from store to store picking up groceries, pet supplies, and new sneakers for your kids.

Next, you head to the home improvement store for a new weed whacker and, when you step inside, it’s pitch black. For some reason, this store has decided not to offer their customers lighting, which makes it hard to determine a weed whacker from a hedge trimmer.

Needless to say, having no lights is beyond inconvenient and you decide to never shop there again.

This is how today’s consumers feel when their favorite stores don’t offer them WiFi service. When big brands like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and Macy’s began offering their customers free WiFi, those customers assumed smaller mom-n-pop shops would be next. After all, they have gotten used to free WiFi access at cafes, airports, fast food chains, and hotels, and they now expect access in all public spaces.

3 Benefits of Reliable WiFi for Retailers

Beyond making customers happy, which is nothing to sniff at, what other benefits does WiFi offer retailers?

  • WiFi enables marketing promotions. With a third-party software application, customers can redeem coupons and scan QR codes right in the store.

  • Retailers can use WiFi enabled presence analytics to collect customer data, then use that data to personalize deals to shoppers. Think of it, if you know what items shoppers are actively looking for, you know what deals to send them (and which email address in which to send) and what inventory to stock.

  • WiFi drives more sales and contributes directly to the bottom line. According to a 2015 research study by IHL Group, general merchandise retailers who enabled WiFi on the sales floor combined with free Guest WiFi saw a 6.5% increase in sales and a 32.1% increase in EBITDA (earnings).

Are you leveraging the best WiFi for your customers? WiFi should always be available, accessible throughout the office, and seamless for every user. If this isn’t the case, check out Datto Networking, which delivers powerful, easy-to-use wireless networks, with seamless roaming for always connected WiFi. Smarter, simpler WiFi means better performance, less maintenance and a better customer experience. Your customers will thank you.

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