Why MSPs Should Standardize on a Single Vendor

Why MSPs Should Standardize on a Single Vendor

By Chris Brunau

Some MSPs partner with multiple backup and disaster recovery vendors and let their end users choose among them. While this sounds nice on the surface, standardizing on a single vendor’s solution offers a number of benefits.

If you are vendor neutral, it is more difficult to develop the same level of expertise on the technology you use as if you worked with a single vendor. Instead, if you work with a single vendor, you can reduce the time and effort necessary to deploy and manage technologies. It also simplifies employee training. And, offering the same technology to all your clients makes it easier to manage relationships with a finite set of vendors.

Here are a few reasons why standardization is a good idea:

  • Scale with a breeze: While vendor neutrality may not matter for a smaller shop, as your business grows, things will only get more complex. If you are dealing with a different vendor for every client, you’re only going to create more headaches for yourself and your employees. They’ll have to familiarize themselves with more products, more portals, etc.

  • Time and Cost Savings: When working with a single vendor, you’ll save time and money. Instead of having to deal with multiple partner portals and tech support lines, you can manage all of your clients from a single portal, lowering TCO. Additionally, you’ll can develop a strong relationship with a single vendor that you and your clients can trust.

  • Deliver Expertise: MSPs should be subject matter experts and trusted advisors to their clients. You are doing your clients a disservice by offering 50 vendors to choose from.

  • Keep It Simple for Your Employees: Using multiple vendors , puts added pressure on your employees. Instead of going through one training program or working with one product, they’ll have their plates full learning far too many vendors.

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