Why MSPs Should Sell SaaS, Including Office 365

Why MSPs Should Sell SaaS, Including Office 365

By Ian O'Brien

On this weeks podcast VP of Business Development, Rob Rae sat down with Kyle Hamilton of Opti-Vise, an elite Datto partner. As you know by now the Datto Partner Conference (#DattoCon15) is only days away. While the majority of the big product announcements will remain top secret until next week, we wanted to give you all a sneak peek at one of those announcements today: Office 365 cloud to cloud backup. Kyle from Opti-Vise has been beta testing the product and he talked with Rob Rae about his experience with the beta and working with SaaS customers in general.

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How long has Opti-Vise been selling SaaS products?

“We started selling Office 365 a few years ago. It’s become a much larger focus here recently. That’s been one of our standard fillers that we put in place with our contract services when we bring new customers on, and migrating all of our existing customers to Office 365 away from on-prem email solutions. Office 365 has become a very big part of our business.”

Kyle talking about where the demand for Office 365 comes from:

“It gives us a much more complete ability to support the end user. Just from the whole mobile user standpoint as well, it makes things easier. It gives a lot of solutions that a traditional on-prem email solution can either struggle with or can’t keep up with.”

Opti-Vise is part of the Datto Office 365 Beta program. Here he talks about his experience in the  beta:

“We found that getting customers to see the pitfalls, the dangers of the SaaS application is more difficult than your local data on servers that are in the offices. They seem to always think, “Hey pay Microsoft for this solution, so aren’t they taking care of our backup needs?” We know that that’s not the case, but getting customers to worry about their offsite data is more difficult. So, having a solid backup solution that we can count on, that we can direct to, and we can integrate as part of our offering, is definitely something that we want to have in our pocket.”

On how MSPs should be positioning Office 365 to their customers:

“We found that we have to bring the conversation typically to the customer. The see Office 365 as a service that they pay for with Microsoft, and they always seem to think, “Hey Microsoft’s handling those backups.” But, we understand that data is just as vulnerable as onsite data on a local server. Customers concerns generally focus more on the security side. Is my data vulnerable to hackers? Can someone get in here and see my email more easily? So the backup conversation is usually brought to the table by us, and having something that comes from Datto that we ... We already have a Datto appliance on site backing up their local data. Having the ability to say, “Hey, we want to bring in another solution from Datto to take care of that offsite data.” It’s going to be a big improvement and key to making those conversations much easier.”

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Listen to the full interview on iTunes to hear more details about cloud to cloud backup for Office 365.

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