Why MSPs Should Maintain a Technical Focus

Why MSPs Should Maintain a Technical Focus

By Chris Brunau

It's imperative for MSPs to know their technology offerings inside out. Being a master of these products will help to answer any customers concerns about functionality, support, and IT management as a whole. That’s why successful MSPs tend to zero in on one or more very specific technical niches. These niches will help them become the go-to MSP in their area.

Regardless of which particular niches an MSP targets, the resulting upsides can be significant. Having a clear focus will be beneficial in various ways:

  • Supports creation of competitively differentiated brand identity

  • Enables efficient, effective marketing activities such as participation in trade associations with highly qualified membership

  • Increases credibility with prospects based on referenceable successes from companies with similar needs

  • Increases operating margins through implementation of replicable solutions

  • Turns every engagement into a high-value learning experience that can enhance the value provided to every other customer.

For these reasons and others, MSPs should develop strong technical offerings in specific areas to best serve their customers. In our recent eBook: 7 Best Practices of Successful MSPs, we provide data and tips from the best sources, including from multiple sources, including analysts, trade associations, and Datto’s first-hand experience with our highly diverse partner community. By adopting these strategies, MSP leaders can make the most of the current market growth, and out-perform the numerous competitors this growing market continues to attract. Check it out today!

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