Why File Sync And Share Should Be A Standard Offering

Why File Sync And Share Should Be A Standard Offering

By Chris Brunau

To be a successful MSP today, offering more capabilities and features is key to providing the best possible product for your partners.

File Sync and Share (FSS) is one of the features Datto believes should be offered standard in every SIRIS to partners.

With the new ownCloud partnership, you can now store files and data in your local infrastructure rather than relying on a public cloud. ownCloud on SIRIS offers a unique solution through its on-premise hosting location, logging and auditing, versioning, advance permissions, and enterprise functionality made for small businesses.

For more about ownCloud on SIRIS, click here.

With the amount of critical data being accessed from devices outside the office, data security is now put at a higher risk. Datto’s comprehensive solution takes into account how businesses access files and offer FSS, allowing businesses to share, access, and synchronize files from anywhere, without using a public third-party cloud.

This further builds on Datto’s mission of protecting business data, no matter where it lives.

“FSS is a great feature that Datto offers to help our partners. It’s extremely complementary to backup, so we want to give it to our partners,” said Datto CEO Austin McChord.

“It’s important for us to do it, and do it well, to give more value to our partners,” added McChord.

While these are great features that could surely be standalone services, Datto sees this as an opportunity to further help their partners, and maximize total data protection.

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