Why DattoCon Matters For Partners

Why DattoCon Matters For Partners

By Kirill Bensonoff

Kirill Bensonoff, founder of Unigma and Elite Datto Partner, shares his thoughts on why DattoCon is special and why he’s so excited to attend.

I am truly excited about DattoCon16. Yes, I love Nashville, blues, BBQ and late nights, but I’m equally interested in hearing the Wizard of Woz speak. I’m sure he’ll recount how he and Steve Jobs sat in their garage and put together the Apple 1 out of disparate pieces of scarcely available hardware. Most likely, will be some parallels drawn to now-famed Datto CEO, Austin McChord, and the first Datto box. I thrive on hearing about the trials and tribulations of successful entrepreneurs, and I thrive on this.  While I’m excited about all of these things, there’s something else I’m looking forward to even more.

I have a unique perspective having seen different sides of Datto. First, as one of the early adopters, and now at Unigma as a Datto partner and DattoCon sponsor. I can honestly say that I have had a great experience throughout – as a customer, and a partner, and I am looking forward to finally meeting some of the folks that have helped along the way. As Datto has grown, the overall desire to help its community and partners remains.

This is what truly excites me. I’m looking forward to learning how a company through all of its growth and changes stays true to its mission and values. In my significant experience working with companies large and small, this is the one thing that seems to get lost as people come and go, the company grows, contracts, and pivots. When a company’s commitment to its core mission and values remains as it evolves, it’s truly something celebrate.

I’m also excited to learn what the future brings. Software is eating the world, cloud is taking over, and hyperconvergence is everywhere. How will this affect partners? Will the channel be able to adopt and create new services around cloud, SaaS backup, datacenter shifts, or will MSPs be relegated to providing helpdesk support and fixing broken computers? I’m optimistic and my hope is that the majority of partners will adapt and move forward with the times.

And so, I am looking forward to DattoCon. See you at Booth #1!

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