Why Datto SaaS Protection is the Perfect Solution for Two River Tech

Apr 19, 2018

Why Datto SaaS Protection is the Perfect Solution for Two River Tech

BY Chris Brunau

SaaS Protection

Frank M. DeBenedetto is the founder and owner of Two River Technology Group, an MSP located in New Jersey. Many of Two River Tech’s customers are in the financial services and legal sectors, so the ability to maintain backups and review content from employee mailboxes is crucial from a compliance standpoint. 

To help his clients get the most out of their technologies and keep their businesses running, DeBenedetto knew his business needed to evolve. About five years ago, he went on the hunt for a cloud backup vendor. He knew that the industry was beginning to shift and he wanted to be on the forefront. “I didn’t want to be the last guy selling servers and trying to play catch-up,” said DeBenedetto. 

In the cloud’s early days, one of DeBenedetto’s clients needed to access previously deleted data. “We had one specific instance where an attorney wanted to go back and access the mailbox of a former employee from the year before, but we couldn’t do it. We had deleted their mailbox when the employee left, so there was no archive to go back to.” 

While Two River Tech was not liable for the loss, “I think they were disappointed in learning that we did not have that capability. They think ‘Well, don’t you back everything up? Aren’t we able to get back that information?’” 

When Two River Tech partnered with Datto, he knew Datto SaaS Protection was the perfect compliment to the current services he was offering to his clients. Learn more about why Datto is the perfect solution for Two River Tech

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