Why Businesses Should Outsource IT

Why Businesses Should Outsource IT

By Chris Brunau

To outsource, or not to outsource, that is the question.

While it’s nice to have some departments kept internal, it’s important to look at the importance of IT and keep your business running smoothly.

Outsourcing generally has a negative connotation, but in the case of leveraging a managed service provider (MSP) it is more of a partnership than letting someone else deal with your problem.

You aren’t working through a third party without any back and forth. Instead, this is a relationship that focuses directly on what your specific needs are.

Outsourced IT allows you to maintain focus on your top priority; running your business. It also guarantees you will have an experienced and certified “staff”.

If your business is subject to compliance regulations like HIPAA or SOX, it’s especially critical to outsource to an expert. It may be time consuming and difficult for a small or medium-size business owner to focus the time and energy to maintain the correct standards, again something that is handled for you when outsourcing IT.

An MSP also boosts productivity by allowing increased focus on your main objectives. MSPs ensure your IT is always running at its optimal level, so you don’t have to divert your attention and troubleshoot on your own. Another upside is preventative maintenance, according to Tech Advisory. Instead of a problem building up and becoming a debilitating issue, it can be addressed and fixed early on.

Instead of taking on IT as reactive, MSPs follow a proactive approach.

Another upside would be the ability to increase infrastructure flexibility, according to Metro Tech. Going through an MSP allows companies to adapt infrastructure to avoid downtime. The MSP stays on top of your IT in a way that would prove difficult to handle on your own.

Many businesses outsource their IT to an MSP. An MSP can solve all IT challenges at once, and then apply what they have learned and developed to multiple clients, instead of a company having it develop and deploy a successful model. In addition, MSPs stay current on the newest technologies and solutions, with a team of fully trained technicians.

Therefore, it would seem more appropriate and smart to rely on a business that has adopted a working and successful model, instead of hiring your own IT department and starting from the ground up in development.

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