What the SolarWinds IPO Means for the Channel

What the SolarWinds IPO Means for the Channel

By Chris Brunau

This week, SolarWinds Corporation, an IT management and software company, filed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

SolarWinds provides various IT management products designed to help IT departments optimize and monitor infrastructure, networks, databases, applications, and more. The company was public until 2016 when it was taken private by Silver Lake Partners and Thoma Bravo.

“The news of SolarWinds filing for an Initial Public Offering is further proof of the robust growth of the MSP market that we at Datto serve,” said Matt Richards, Chief Marketing Officer at Datto. “We want to congratulate them on their return to the public market. We’re always happy to see validation of the power and scale of the MSP community and believe that as more SMBs turn to MSPs, this community will continue to grow. We remain strong advocates of an open ecosystem and know that MSPs choose to work with a variety of vendors to tailor the best solutions for their customers. We suspect it will be business as usual for SolarWinds partners. SolarWinds was public only a few years ago, so this is not new ground for them or their customers. We wish them well in the months to come.”

As the MSP market continues to grow, we look forward to new developments that will continue to benefit the channel as a whole.

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