What Can We Learn From The Spiceworks State Of IT Report?

What Can We Learn From The Spiceworks State Of IT Report?

By Chris Brunau

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a report compiling survey results from more than 800 IT professionals as well as social data from conversations and real-time usage stats on equipment that’s actually used by IT pros?

Well, you’re in luck. Spiceworks recently released the 2016 State of IT report, focusing on all things IT. Here are some major takeaways.

Security is insufficient.

Consider these numbers according to the IT pros who were surveyed:
48% said their data/IT assets aren’t adequately protected.
51% said IT security isn’t a top priority for them in 2016.
59% said they don’t adequately invest in IT security.
62% don’t conduct regular security audits.
74% said newsworthy breached haven’t lead us to change IT security practices.

These numbers aren’t very reassuring. Companies aren’t properly protecting their valuable data, and it doesn’t appear to be a strong enough priority in the near future. On top of that, even major breaches haven’t convinced them to change. Whether it was one of the major breaches like Anthem or Target, or cybersecurity threats like CryptoLocker or malvertising, there are no shortage of vulnerabilities that certainly warrant an increase in security.

With the abundance of threats, a strong and fully staffed IT workforce would be ideal. Unfortunately, the report found that staffing is strained. Fifty nine percent of respondents said they do not expect their IT staff to grow. Security threats are likely to increase, in addition to the demand for storage and backup, so IT will likely have increased responsibilities without an increase in workforce.

This is another case that highlights the value of outsourcing your IT and working with a Managed Service Provider. Working with an MSP can be beneficial in a number of ways, including boosting productivity, helping IT departments maintain focus on their top priorities and the ability to increase infrastructure flexibility. 

However, the report isn’t all bad news There are some encouraging statistics to look at going forward. While only 34% have advanced security solutions in place, 21% are planning to use in the future.

With breaches and cyber security issues likely to increase in 2016, implementing more security solutions is a critical move for companies looking to stay protected.

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