Walt Mossberg Shares Knowledge, Observations on Technology in Datto Tech Talk

Walt Mossberg Shares Knowledge, Observations on Technology in Datto Tech Talk

By Matt Richards

It’s not every day that a famed tech journalist ventures to Norwalk to share his thoughts and insights with an enthusiastic crowd of MSPs and technology professionals. However, Walt Mossberg delighted those in attendance at Datto headquarters with his anecdotes and knowledge from his storied career covering technology in our first-ever Datto Tech Talk. These unique events offer the chance for us to bring interesting dialogue to our partner community by hosting the brightest minds in the technology space.

For the inaugural event, we were honored to host Walt Mossberg and Sree Sreenivasan. Both Walt and Sree have had storied careers; Walt was the principal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, the Executive Editor of The Verge, and the Editor-at-Large of Recode and Sree is a highly sought after Social Consultant and was New York City’s former Chief Digital Officer. Sree interviewed Walt about his thoughts on the latest technology innovations and privacy concerns as our digital footprint grows. Read more about the event below.

Walt’s Career

Walt shared highlights from his career beginning in Detroit covering the car industry and politics in Washington, D.C. He eventually moved to cover computers and technology - which many thought was crazy at the time - where he has virtually had his hands on every major consumer electronic device in recent history.

What Great CEOs Have in Common

In many ways the big-name CEOs do not have a lot in common and have come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, according to Walt. However, he says they are all driven and persistent about doing something right.

Walt added, "I think you all need to think like entrepreneurs. It doesn’t mean you have to quit, you can but you can also be entrepreneurial within a large company. I think being entrepreneurial at any age, you don’t have to be 22."

Casual Sunday Evening Calls with Steve Jobs

For a period of about five weeks, Steve Jobs would call Walt every Sunday evening to pick Walt’s brain, discuss the industry, and more.

When asked what advice Jobs may have for those in attendance, “be laser-focused on the quality of your product and don’t be afraid to constantly work to get it right,” according to Walt.

Privacy and Technology

Walt answered questions from the audience, including a particular question about Facebook and consumer privacy. Walt urged the need for digital privacy legislation to protect consumer rights. “We need a national privacy law in the United States.”  He also cited smart devices and home automation as potential privacy concerns that may be vulnerable to manipulation by hackers.

"I think we have done an amazing magical revolutionary thing, collectively in the last forty years, this whole personal technology thing is 40 years old…everything we’ve talked about, everything you guys do and sell and work on has to do with the last 40 years but I think we’ve also created a lot of unintended consequences and I think it’s time to find a balance,” said Walt.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Walt shared his excitement for the future of these two areas of technology. According to Walt, AI and AR will continue to make their way into everyday life.

After the event, Walt stayed to chat with MSPs and shared some additional stories and opinions with the enthusiastic attendees.

Datto Tech Talks: Walt Mossberg

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