[Podcast] Virtual Backup Go-to-Market Strategy

[Podcast] Virtual Backup Go-to-Market Strategy

By Holly Wainwright

In this episode of the Datto Partner Podcast, Rob Rae, VP of Business Development with Datto is joined by Blake Schwank, CEO, Colorado Computer Support. Blake, an elite partner with Datto, shares insights on selling backup, recovery and business continuity solutions. Specifics include pricing solutions, using the HaaS (hardware-as-a-service) model, targeting vertical markets, and the emergence of virtual backup. Listen to the full podcast on iTunes.

Let’s start by talking about [your success with] verticalization … specifically the education market.

Yes, education is very different than most other verticals. It’s more of a government entity, so decision cycles are really long.

As far as infrastructure is concerned … they’ve been cobbled together. You can end up with junk or you could end up with way over engineered infrastructure where a school with 50 employees has 10 servers and the latest copy of VMware, just way over complicated for the size. When you get up towards the school districts, they typically have a very solid infrastructure that is very virtualized. They’re all VMware Hyper-V on the infrastructure.

Why is virtual infrastructure is important to the education market?

Nobody wants to see the physical box. They just want to know that their data is backed up. They may get a tour of what the restoration looks like. They may get a tour of the interface. They don’t see the physical assets. If an IT guy’s part of the conversation, then they get it. That’s virtual versus physical, and then it’s a cost and then functionality. For most of our clients, the assurance that we can restore them in a matter of minutes, that their data is backed up, that there is an enterprise-class solution in place protecting their stuff.

Why did you choose Datto’s virtual backup appliances?

It’s running on the original Datto platform. We love what Datto does. The other things that we have taken a look at over the years just didn’t work. Since it was still the same Datto software, just in a different installation, we trusted it immediately because we know the software, we know the people behind it, we know the teams, and our guys were certified in it. It was a no-brainer just to use the virtual product.

Do you have success with HaaS (hardware-as-a-service)?

What we found very successful is [to] bundle the monthly fee. They get all the support, they get server maintenance, they get antivirus, and they get the backup solution that we require. What we do is we take the cost of the Datto box. We basically divide it by 12, that way I know that in the length of a contract, I’m going to get my money back. Chances are they’re going to stay way beyond that, and then I’ll start making money in year 2 and 3 on the box. If not, I’ll take it off to somebody else.

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