Webinar Recording: Datto's Infinite Cloud Retention

Webinar Recording: Datto's Infinite Cloud Retention

By Chris Brunau

Cloud storage shouldn’t be complicated to manage, so why does it seem that way sometimes?

To simplify things, Datto developed Infinite Cloud Retention (ICR) to make storage easy to understand and manage. ICR allows a customer to store an unlimited amount of data in the Datto Cloud with no time restriction—users maintain access to backup copies of all their data stored in the Datto Cloud as long as they choose.

For companies that are subject to extended retention requirements, this pricing model can simplify management. Datto partners that focus on highly regulated vertical industries are likely to benefit most from ICR.

Join the Datto team for a brief (30-minute) webinar about how ICR is helping Datto partners save money, grow higher margins, and close more business. Check out the recording today!

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