If you’re a managed service provider looking to take your service offering to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully, you are familiar with our popular eBook, 7 Habits of Highly Effective MSPs. Well, we’re back with 7 More Habits of Highly Effective MSPs.

In our eBook, we offer seven tips from successful MSPs that will help you optimize growth and profit. Here’s a preview:

  • Be the go-to guy: For MSPs, it’s important to define what your business does (i.e. the services in which you specialize) that gives you the edge over competitors in your space. 

  • Be choosy about clients:  Unfortunately, many new IT service providers take whatever work they can get. This makes sense when you're starting out, but as your business grows it is important to be more selective about your customers.

  • Build customer trust: For IT service providers, building customer trust is essential to success. Their livelihood relies on the data you are protecting.

  • Standardize technology offerings:  Standardization allows you to develop expertise in technologies that you use and reduce the time and effort necessary to deploy and manage them.

  • Price for profit: Start by evaluating your business’ costs. Then, look at the rest of your expenses on a monthly basis. Your fees should be based on those numbers.

  • Develop a sales and marketing process: Many IT service providers struggle with sales and marketing because they come from a technical background rather than a business one.

  • Go to school: It goes without saying, but you won’t stay ahead of your competition by resting on your laurels. It's imperative to understand your business and the evolving market in which you play. That’s why ongoing education is essential.

For three quick and easy tips for beating the MSP competition, check out our latest video in the Business Made MSPeasy series. For even more tips, join us next week for a webinar featuring a panel of industry-leading IT service providers who will share their advice for growing your MSP shop in 2017.